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Thank you, actually I was reading your guide when I saw your answer. The guide itself is really well written, but I got lost reading the discussion that followed. But this is the learning process :) I was just thinking you were discussing more speaker based gaming.   The Titanium it is! That was my first choice and glad to see gut instinct was right.
Hiya, first I wanted to say thank you for all the amazing minds I have seen on this forum. I did a lot of homework when I was shopping for a new set of headphones, I was looking at the new Plantronics, Logitech, and Turtle Beach headsets, as well as the Razer products. And well after stumbling on this site from a google search, I started reading about other options from companies I never even heard of (thats how new to the world of PC sound I am). So after reading...
Hi all,   This is all new for me but here recently I bought the ATH A700's (thanks to reading posts here on this site) and now comes the fun part of upgrading the onboard audio.   I have been doing a lot of homework, trying to keep my budget at $100 and under for the sound card and the ones I am really considering are the Creative Xtremegamer and the Xonar DG. The thing I keep hearing though are comments like the Xtremegamer is an older card and dosent work as...
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