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Awesome, thanks!
Hey guys, I am new to the HD650s, but I am loving them so far.  I bought a used pair, but it was in perfect condition (no paint chipping on headband or anything) and I would like to keep them like that.  Reading around these forums it seems like the paint chipping is common to these headphones?  I was just wondering if there was anything extra I could do (other than being very careful and babying them) to keep the paint from chipping off?  Thanks for any info. :)
Nice. I'll keep my eye open for that in the sell forums. I don't know if I'm a cable believer yet, but I'd like to try so I can find out.
Gotcha, thanks! How you like it? Still using stock cable?
I just received my 650s today and have the e17/e09k combo too.  When the e17 is docked  what volume level do you have it set to?  I ask because it seems if my e17 is set to the default '20' mark I have to turn the e09k knob almost all the way up, but when I have the e17 set at 30, I only have to turn the e09k knob to a little after 12 o'clock.
Sold locally. Classified closed.
Just read this. You can ignore my stupid question I sent via pm . I'll take it!
Let me know if all the buyers for the HE-300s fall through. I'm next in line.
Just purchased it. Thank you, sir!
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