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Yikes, now I'm scared.  Thanks for input though. :)
So here's a newbie question for all of you.  Is there a way to plug two headphones into an amp so two people can listen to the same thing at the same time?  Would a splitter work, or would it degrade the music?  Or a certain amp you could recommend that would do this?     I have my friends come over and I demand they listen to my setup, I just want a way to listen to it with them.  Instead of me just watching them listen to it and nodding my head...
They're beautiful, good luck with the sale.  I'll own me a pair one day....
If I'm only able to purchase one at a time, which one would you recommend I buy first?Thanks
I'd say try a different source. I haven't had any issues like that.
I was leaning towards the Lyr/Bifrost combo, but now I dont know...that or Bottlehead Crack...?
Off Topic (but I just gotta say it)   I'm really new to the HD650 and they are my first pair of high end cans, but I just gotta say these are blowing my mind.  I am just using stock cable and Fiio e7/e09k and just knowing that upgrading my chain these can get even better blows my mind even more.   I guess I'm saying I appreciate these.      edit: words
Enjoy the music! I think you will really like them.
Momentums. But I'm biased. I use mine in the office too. Only complaint, like has said before, the carrying case is pretty big.
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