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I ordered a pair of m100 to pit against my momentums to see which portable pair I would keep. I have only had the m100 for about a week, but I am leaning towards the momentums as my favorite. I really really like the m100 and maybe I'll end up keeping both, but I just feel that comfort and sound quality wise the momentums win. The m100 have a more emphasized bass, but with the momentums I feel I can hear more details, bass quality is better, and soundstage/instrument...
I don't blame ya. I can't believe he responded to a different email addy so quickly, makes it all the more suspicious..
Wow. Note to self, no to this guy. 
I just got my Fostex HP-P1 and plugged my momentums into it....     (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻   AAMMMAAAAAZINNNG!!!!!!!!!
Schiit just got real. 
Received mine today. Fast shipping and perfect tin for an original looking cmoy. 
Just posted in the momentum thread so thought I would post here as well. I just ordered me a pair of m100 and if I like them more than the momentum those are going up for sale. They arrive tomorrow, I'm pretty excited. Anyone pit these two against each other yet?
Well I just ordered the Vmoda m100 to test them against my momentums. If they win momentum goes up for sale. Anybody pit these two against each other yet? 
And my ears don't fit, but I think they're fine.
I know you didn't ask me, but I use the fiio E09k/E17 combo and they sound AMAAAZIIING! I say take a leap off the edge and buy them, you will not be disappointed.
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