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Not ignoring my messages. Will respond within 24 hours. Just unable to at this moment. 
I'll take them! Ygpm
Looking to buy external hard drives. 500+GB, let me know what you have.    Thanks,   Andrew
A sensitive topic indeed. I'm not sure what to believe. Just something you have to try for yourself I guess. I am a believer in headphone "burn in" because I did hear a difference in my momentums after several hours of use (but perhaps it was just me getting used to the sound?), but now I read about cable burn in, amp burn in, DAC burn in, tube burn in, etc…I'm not too convinced on those right now though...
I get what you're saying, but everyone starts with zero feedback. Even you did at one point. 
Audioquest Dragonfly. I've owned one and it really takes the momentums to a different level. Really opens them up and improves the imaging/instrument separation. I had one, but recently traded it in the for sale forums, but I'm really thinking of buying it again because of the portability/sound quality. 
That video is freakin scary. 
^^This. I'm confused too. 
I ordered a pair of m100 to pit against my momentums to see which portable pair I would keep. I have only had the m100 for about a week, but I am leaning towards the momentums as my favorite. I really really like the m100 and maybe I'll end up keeping both, but I just feel that comfort and sound quality wise the momentums win. The m100 have a more emphasized bass, but with the momentums I feel I can hear more details, bass quality is better, and soundstage/instrument...
I don't blame ya. I can't believe he responded to a different email addy so quickly, makes it all the more suspicious..
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