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Get the HD650, you won't be disappointed. The senns veil thing is a myth (just like elves, gremlins, and Eskimos). They're great for all music types and very comfortable. Plus if you don't need portable cans then open-back is the way to go. Get them and get ready to have your world flipped upSide down.    Dont get grado. 
Got what I need for now. Thanks for all the offers!
Not ignoring my messages. Will respond within 24 hours. Just unable to at this moment. 
I'll take them! Ygpm
Looking to buy external hard drives. 500+GB, let me know what you have.    Thanks,   Andrew
A sensitive topic indeed. I'm not sure what to believe. Just something you have to try for yourself I guess. I am a believer in headphone "burn in" because I did hear a difference in my momentums after several hours of use (but perhaps it was just me getting used to the sound?), but now I read about cable burn in, amp burn in, DAC burn in, tube burn in, etc…I'm not too convinced on those right now though...
I get what you're saying, but everyone starts with zero feedback. Even you did at one point. 
Audioquest Dragonfly. I've owned one and it really takes the momentums to a different level. Really opens them up and improves the imaging/instrument separation. I had one, but recently traded it in the for sale forums, but I'm really thinking of buying it again because of the portability/sound quality. 
That video is freakin scary. 
^^This. I'm confused too. 
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