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I don't believe you will find genuine leather earpads that are an exact match, but if you are in the US, this is their contact page...   http://en-us.sennheiser.com/service-support/contact-center/how-to-reach-us
Get brown, they look better.    But to answer your question, no. 
I think it looks great in black with the silver volume knob! I think I'm going to have to get one of these bad boys and throw my fiio eo9k out the window...
I don't see how these have lasted 12 hours! Great deals! Somebody hurry up and take those HD650s before I fly to Aus and buy them myself!   good luck with the sale!
I'll take it!
Gonna go the newegg route. Classified closed. 
Looking to buy a cheap custom built pc. I want a dedicated computer for a headphone listening station. Doesn't have to be top of the line, just want it to be upgradable and able to add extra HDDs and such. Send me pm of your offer with specs, price, pics.    Thanks. 
Good eye. Looks bout right. 
Can you tell what kind of headphones she has?
I ordered both and sent the M-100s back. I think everything about the momentums is better...details, bass, soundstage, comfort, and even looks. It was a closer match then I make it sound, I still may pick up the m-100 again. But yah, I think you made the right decision. 
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