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  Well there's two sides to every story, but...I wouldn't do business with him. 
I see brown as the old school, retro, look. I see black as the new, futuristic, hip type look. Who knows, I'm just rambling on. 
Brown. Stay classy. 
My mistake. Thanks for correcting me, friend.    Edit: I still think the verza is priced appropriately. 
You wouldn't get your $600 back or whatever you paid for it, but I think you would get a good amount back for it. Just like other niche products, I mean the hp-p1 still re-sales for $450-$500 and it only works with the ipod classic. 
Here's a trade in program for all you vamp owners. Go to the for sale forums, sell your vamp, and then put that money towards a Versa. Keep them vamps in circulation!
I think it's priced correctly for iDevices because it bypasses the internal DAC. I mean look at the HP-P1 price and that ONLY works with the ipod classic. Val mentioned something upcoming for the ipod classic and if it is intriguing enough I will certainly consider selling my HP-P1 and upgrading. 
I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, but don't let that ruin head-fi for you. I've only been here a few months, but all my transactions have gone flawlessly. There are some really kind and cool people here. Also, have you left feedback? That's what it's there for. 
I don't believe you will find genuine leather earpads that are an exact match, but if you are in the US, this is their contact page...
Get brown, they look better.    But to answer your question, no. 
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