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Price drop/Bump
Hey Matt my friend!Are you referring to the red headphone cable? It's included with the black momentums.
I put my hpp1 up for sale and I'm having 2nd thoughts about it now. I do really enjoy it with my momentums.
Still available.
Sale pending.
eBay link: Hello everyone, I'm selling a Fostex HP-P1 that I purchased from a fellow head-fier. This thing sounds awesome, you will love it. It comes with original box (no documentation), the unit itself, charging cable, 2 fiio bands and a Qusps Twisted Cable LOD (also purchased from a head-fier). Links below show where I bought items from. I paid $90 for the LOD itself and got the HP-P1 in a trade + cash deal. Price is eBay for everything (PayPal...
What number is this?
Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it made me laugh. And for the price, I think I may have to purchase a pair...
Well not entirely true. My denon d2000 leak like the devil and I do not listen to them at ungodly levels.
I gotta stop reading this thread all it does is make me angry.   Especially this response,  Swimsonny Mar 21, 2013 at 3:34 pm I did not want to get in a argument with the guy. If his allegations were true i would probably be banned for a start.   If the allegations are true you probably should be banned!  You should man up and refund the buyer his money!  Argh, I better stop typing..
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