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Sold! Thanks everyone!
Hey guys, been away awhile, but now I'm back! I bought these off head-fi a couple of years ago. Sound great used them a bit in the beginning, but haven't used them for a while so it's time to pass them on. These are in good condition and come with original box. $300 via paypal and I pay seller fees (because I'm the seller) and I pay shipping (because I'm a nice guy). Don't be afraid to make offers. Not looking for trades at this time. Thanks!
I would like to by a v1.0 Dragonfly for a ridiculously great price!  Let me know what you have.   Thanks.
Hello all,   Looking for a pair of V-Moda M100 in great shape, for a ridiculously great deal!   Message me and let me know what you have!   Thanks!
36 hours left!
Just to clear up some confusion (because I've had two potential buyers back out of a deal because of the same reason, not understanding what this device is) THIS WILL WORK WITH iDEVICES ONLY!
Now on eBay, starting bid one penny! Look at this on eBay: Fostex HP-P1 Headphone Amplifier & DAC
Thanks. That's what I was trying for.
Big bada bump! Will put on eBay later today. Get it before its gone!
No interest by next bump and I'll sell on eBay (or just keep for myself, still debating). I tried to make the lowest price and best deal on head-fi forums. Also, don't feel afraid to send me any offers. -Andrew
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