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I just got my Beyerdynamic T1 and I was suprised that the ASUS drives them easy, I have the volume at 9 o'clock and I find it quite good, but I dont have any experience with other more expensive amps, but I'm thinking to get Bottlehead crack or Woo audio wa2 later I'm not sure yet.
Tori Amos
yeah! I got it working now, it was the other volume knob on the E1 that was set on zero.  
I have a problem with the ASUS Xonar Essence One, I have bought a new amp now, and I want the ASUS to be the DAC, but the problem is I cant hear no sound of it. I have read that you can have the Asus like a DAC to, but I cant figure out, how it should work with my new amp, please do somebody know what the problem might be? I have connected the amp and dac with 2x2 rca but it comes no sound of it:(
Ludovico Einaudi - Fly  
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