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Ok well I've purchased a c&c bh amp from eBay St the weekend so I've gone down the road amp only route. I'll figure out what cabling I need when it arrives
ah crap so i can't just plug my amp into my s3 via 3.5 jack???   must be a portable solution, these docks hardly seem like something i can carry about??
Just bagged this on ebay after H2O's recommendation, can't wait to give this a listen
looks like ill probably get the e11 as the cmoy is hard to get hold of here in UK   Glad i posted this thread because i didn't know that my phone could not connect to a DAC function, you just saved me a few quid so thanks for that!   Not too sure myself about the line-out.  Can someone confirm whether the e11 will work with the s3 please.
Im not sure whether to get something like the Fiio e17 or maybe just get an amp only e11 or jds labs cmoy.   I know that the samsung galaxy s3 wolf chips aren't that bad and was wondering whether an amp+dac combo was really needed?   This is for portable only as ill probably be getting a JDS Labs O2 + DAC for my home listening later in the year.   My Ultrasone Pro 750 badly need some amplication, useless with just my mobile
hmmm yes, as i thought, that's a bummer because i was looking for a set of headphones for commuting so obviously wanted excellent isolation   Guess im going to have to go down the IEM route to get the sort of isolation i want (i basically don't want to hear anything).     I hate having to turn up my volume to compete with the outside noises as im very paranoid of damaging my hearing.   Not sure whether to buy an amp or just get a pair of IEM's.  I don't really want it any...
Just received these today (second hand so they are burnt in), they are my first set of headphones i have bought for outdoor use (they are closed in case you didn't know)   Now i listened to these in my quiet office, while the volume isn't too loud even at 15/15 on my Samsung Galaxy s3 is does pack some punch (but the bass doesnt sound a little lacking)   So i got these outside walking home and they sounded crap, quite a lot of leakage from outside and even at...
cool man, can't wait to try them out   damn i wish you were in UK, looking for a Fiio e17 -_-
Managed to get a pair of Ultrasone pro 750 second hand for £120 Ultrasone looked like one of the best for edm after reading though this forum Thanks for the help, look forward to reviewing them next week
Also looking for something similar, after reading lots on here my choices seem to be boiling down to either a pair of Ultrasone (I've been offered the pro 750 for £125) or beyer (770 pro) Also the shure srh 840 could be worth a bash
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