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Any news on a date when mass production will start and we can purchase them online? These apple ear-pods ain't cuttin' it for me
:/awhh thanks.. i doubt any one knows when it will start being mass produced
is it possible for me to order M100s now? I went on the vmoda website and i do not see anything :/ help mehh
is he posting it on the vmoda website?
accedent double post
how does one run over their m80s?  xD
still seeking for assistance though :/
I saw jude's review on it and i like what i see compared to the m80 and amperior. Only thing is that it has the same issue has the M100s, When are they coming out? I know the starting price is at $350 but i live in America and do not know how to purchase these yet. So if i should wait to buy these momentums, i might as well wait for the m100s.   If i were to purchase an ultrasound i would get the pro 550s, i read that they were better for base than the 750s and heard...
Hey I been looking into what headphones to get for the past week and have been very VERY indecisive about my situation.   My Specifications First, off i am still open for either an on or over ear headphone (heading towards the over ear) Second, and quality just for bass. A lot of house that i listen to do have vocals so i would want my headphones to make them sound clear. Third, Portability. I do not want to carry an amp around with me. I plan on using this...
New Posts  All Forums: