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Long time listener.  First time caller.  ...or something like that.   I'm a newbie to this forum, and although I've been following this thread for awhile, I could use some advice.   Preface:  I'm not a headphones expert.  I prefer the IEM's (especially for work and the gym).  Most of my "high end" headphone experience is with the Klipsch S4i, which I listen to now.  However, now I'm using my android phone for music, and I require separate volume controls...
 I know you didn't get a great response to this article, but FWIW I appreciate you posting it. As much as I like to hear personal opinions, I know people that have purchased iPhone 5's tend to be emotionally invested in their purchase and may not always be unbiased in their review, so it's nice to get some actual semi-scientific results. Thanks again!
I know this isn't a popular opinion (and that I'm new to posting in this forum), but I really appreciated the Engadget article.   I get that it was somewhat subjective and only covered one set of headphones (and no other music players, external DAC's, other headphone comparisons, etc.), but I appreciate the attempt at covering the basics which is a pair of headphones with each source.     Part of the reason I appreciate it is when I've asked for objective...
** Just noticed there is another thread on this topic, which I evidently didn't see the first time around.  This thread can be deleted or merged with http://www.head-fi.org/t/630015/engadgets-comparison-of-the-iphone-5-4s-galaxy-s3-and-the-one-x-for-audiophiles.  Sorry everyone **   I ran across an article on Engadget this morning that basically states the iPhone 4s is better than the iPhone 4, the iPhone 5, HTC One X (US & Global) and the GS III (US & Global) when...
  I did come across the nesus s4g, but if I remember correctly it only has 16GB of storage and no SD Card slot.  I currently have a 32GB iPod Touch almost full, so that's not really a viable option for me.  However, I sincerely appreciate your suggestion and participation in this thread.   Do you have any links to the new nexus devices that are coming out?  Any word on whether google is going to start allowing SD Card's with their devices?     Thanks again for your time
 Thanks for your honest feedback. I hope you find some resolution with your current situation.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?  I'm a little confused on internal vs external DAC's and sound differences with iPod Touch and EVO 3d.  Thanks!   Did I mention I'm willing to bribe someone who can explain it to me ;-)  j/k
  Ok, thanks for the feedback.  Do you (or anyone else) have any hope/leads on the new handsets coming out this holiday season?   Also, I'm assuming that the DAC only affects headphone and/or internal speaker sound, right?  Any idea why HDMI out to my receiver would be even worse than my headphone audio AND more importantly worse than my iPod Touch?  Aren't both using the DAC in the receiver?     Thanks for educating me.
  Not the answer I wanted, but I appreciated your candor.   In your opinion (and speaking generally) what is keeping Android from surpassing Apple devices?  Is it hardware or just the stock software?  If so, are there any devices with custom roms/kernels that surpass Apple devices?   Thanks again for your time. 
Perhaps you are like me.  You have an iPod.  You have a SmartPhone.  You have a Tablet.  You have a Laptop.  You also have a whole bunch of cables not to mention a bunch of devices that stay home (desktop, xbox, etc).   Well my car now allows my Android Phone to play music via HDMI AND mirror it's display with my navigation screen (if I purchase the proper accessory).  Using Google Navigation and all my android apps in my car?!  HOORAY!!  But...   The problem is...
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