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I just bought a pair of 6ZH1P-EV, can't believe how good they sound comparatively to the stock ones. Why don't they sell it with them directly? (I bought them from this seller , since the ones from yenaudio are quite a bit more expensive, I believe they're matched too)
Hi, I'm selling an almost brand new XLS200 Down Firing subwoofer. It was used for 2 weeks, looks like brand new, and it is in pristine state. It will be shipped in its original package with the original cables.   Color : Satin Black About this subwoofer which is highly regarded in the audio world : This BK Electronics subwoofer is a powerful and compact 1-way subwoofer that is designed to be high-quality. The BK Electronics XLS200-DF features a filter bypass that...
Hi,   I sell my Alessandro MS2i, Grado SR325is's twin (a bit more neutral) with a Grado mini adaptor cable that converts a 1/4 inch (6.3mm) plug to 1/8 inch (3.5mm) plug that was not sold with the headphones (bought from   They're like new, they were kept in a smoke free / pet free appartement. I still have the box and the warranty is still available (bought from...
  You like the PS500 more than your RS1?
From what I found, one of the modifications could be the coating of the driver membrane :
  I don't know how much money you wanna spend on an headphone amp but The DSHA-1 by ECP audio is "designed for exceptional synergy with Grado headphones". Has anyone tried it here?
Would you say that the MS pro is more harsh sounding in the treble than the MS2?
The RS1 will be my next jump then, thanks! As of now, I'm just in love with the MS2, if the RS1 and the MS PRO are quite similar, I might just end up getting the MS pro as I heard the MS were more neutral sounding.
  So what I know so far checking the internet : - The PS500 has less soundstage, is more intimate sounding than the MS2. - The PS500 has more bass, less treble. The PS500 is more warm sounding in general. - The PS500 doesn't sound as good with guitars but is better with drums. - The PS500 seems better with vocals. Bear in mind that those opinions come from different persons with different tastes and not from me.I wanted to know wich one was more neutral, but wasn't able...
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