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Technics have just announced two new systems, flagship one being 30,000 Euros and a second more modest system around 6,000 Euros I think...
Agree with Euguy - detail is good and I can compare to Momentum's - yes it is better.
Definitely more bass, on first listen I was apprehensive as quite a few cans these days have a very uncontrolled bass response, but the HD8's are all good - if you like tight controlled bass with plenty of it...    Now all I need is a shorter cable for out & about use...! For those with an AK120 - Sound is phenomenal.
As I have the Momentum's and have tried back to back - the HD8's have a 'wider' soundstage and definitely deeper bass. Sound leakage wise, they're also better than Momentum's or Amperiors.
AK120 and Sennheiser HDVD 800 / MacBook Pro - both with lossless files minimum 16/44 and up to 24/192.
Couple of days in and they continue to impress, took them away for a long train journey today and isolated well from ambient sound and managed about 30-40 mins a time without overheating my ears...I can only keep the Momentum's on for 15-20 mins by me before I start getting fidgety.
+2... Sick of the standard tips
From http://customcans.co.uk   Good thing is that most after market HD25 cables fit the Amperiors.
I changed the cable on my pair not long after I got them - it changed the sound for the better and i don't mean a slight change measured in nuances...    
Treble clarity is good, just right imo, I'd say it's on a par with the Amperiors in this respect, I can't tell much difference. The bass is the biggest part and the sound is more spatial than the Amp's. Biggest thing for me is that they're more comfortable than my momentum's - which have now been promised to one of my colleagues with smaller ears...!   I've decided that whilst I'd like to use the HD8's for commuting, the longer cable makes this difficult, so I'll be...
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