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I recently purchased a pair of overhear momentum's I'm quite blown away by what I perceived to be a superior sound in comparison to my q701's. I don't have a handle on the adjectives I read in most of the review's (such as bright, dark sounding, fun etc) So I'll leave that out. They just sound better to my noob ears! As a side note my q701's are running off a matrix m-stage. Should this be the case with a pair of low ohm, closed back portable headphones?
How does the Audio-Technica ATH-A900X go in comparison to the q701's? Or the Audio-Technica ATH-WS99 Solid Bass?  
Hi! Been a while since I posted on here. I'm looking to get another set of headphone's. I already have a pair of q701's plugged into a matrix m-stage. So I'm looking for something a little different that would also pair well with the same amp. Something closed back with a little more emphasis on bass, so when I swapp and change I can really notice the difference, and experience more variety. Preference's being, light and comfortable, thin profile cans (not a must, but...
Ahh, I see. Well that's a shame. Thanks for that.
Hi. I have heard allot of good things about these cans, and really want to get them in white.   I've seen several pics of the white version, but can't find it for sale anywhere. If anyone has seen the white version online anywhere, please send a link my way! (although I live in Australia, so my options may be somewhat limited)   As a side note, while I'm mostly into the sound aspect of this scene, I also like some esthetics too.
Thanks for the quick replies, I'll be doing some more homework now :)
Hi. I purchased the q701's in conjuntion with the m-stage a couple of months ago to replace my m558/fiio e7 combo, loving them so far.   What I'm after now is a cheaper set of fullsized cans. Say around the $150 mark, closed back, somewhat portable, and have an overall different sound to the q701's (something bassy perhaps for the gym) Also the impedence has to be low, as I don't want to be shoving an amp into my pocket along with my phone at the gym.   I'm...
Does the m stage usb come with a usb cord? None of the listings for the usb version say anything about the usb cord in the bundle. Only a power cord. The input for it seems very strange. What kind of usb cord would I need if it is sold separately? 
I'm thinking of getting one of these for my q701's   I'm guessing from the name of the item in question here, that you can indeed hook it up to a pc via usb?   Will this be all I need for some quality sound? Is the sound stage an amp and a DAC?   Or will I need to get a decent sound card or external DAC also?   (this is becoming expensive lol)
Purely for home use with a pc. I haven't removed the black tape...It makes it better?   I was also looking at the Matrix m-stage amp, maybe I could get this now for my 558's Then get the q701's later?
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