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I am trying to use the charger from o2. I am  using a single battery and will be using dc input, say a 15v walwart, this is to drive a cmoy based on ne5532.  Attached is the circuit I am trying to simulate. I had a few questions about this.   1. How do I simulate a battery. What would be the approximate resistance and capacitance of a 9v rechargeable battery.   2. is it safe to switch on the amp while its charging. Can the amp be used safely while its charging.   3....
There are no mounting holes. How have you guys mounted it on the chassis. The only thing i see is the pot that can be mounted, but is that mounting strong enough to hold the pcb and the tubes. I was actually thinking of ditching the pot, but looks like i might need it... Any issues with a 100k pot. I plan to use this with 32 ohm headphones. Any particular reason why i see most of the people mounting the tube sockets on the other side.
I am eagerly waiting for the pcb for the 12au7 version.I have the cisco 0.38a supply, headphones are realistic pro30 (32 ohms) and koss porta pro (60 ohms). Chain would be PC->ODAC->B1 preamp->SSMH. I have a few doubts that wanted to clarify while I wait for the pcb to arrive. 1. Is there an error on the 12au7 schematic. why is c1 coming before r13 but c6 is coming from after r13, wont r13 act as a charging resistor for C6. Is this there on pcb also. 2. There is no earth...
Ok, I made a mistake, I see that both triodes are being used for a single channel and both the triodes in a tube are shorted to each other.. I dont understand why its done like this though.
i expect to see one tube, but in the first post of this thread, the pcb images and completed build pics have two tubes.
In the schematics, I see a single triode being used for each of the channels, but in the build pics and pcbs, I see two twin triodes 12au7 being used. what am i missing here.
I already have an O2, makes sense to still get this? Does this have tube like sound or more SS like sound?
there's a gb going on for subbu dac v3 on diyaudio.
sorry, didnt notice there's a mega thread for recommendations. added the content there. mods, please delete this thread.
Oops! didnt notice this thread and started another one, newbie mistake. Will post the needs here and ask the mods to delete the other thread.   A friend of mine is looking for headphones in about 200$ budget. He's currently considering senn 558s. Mainly listens to jam bands (dead etc), some jazz and some classic rock, most of the times live shows though, no mp3s, almost always flacs. headphones need to be forgiving enough to play audience recordings also. Preference...
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