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I have them and use them often. Not as often as I would like, my M100's win out most of the time lol. But they are awesome. What are the issues?
 To me I have a bunch of IEM and varies from price. The ZN's are the most expensive IEM I have...But more importantly is it worth it? In my opinion yes. You can always enact the return policy that Val has extended to us here and gave us a few extra months to try tem out. I for one, was hooked on the sound of these the first time I put them on and that is before they are properly burned in. I have had the old Crossfades and had them before upgrading to the M100s and that...
The android/3button issue is most def a hardware fragmentation issue. There is no way around it. No software will fix it to use the 3 buttons, it's all up to android to make it a standard like apple has for their devices.
The XS is a great set of cans, don't get me wrong. I do not regret getting them at all, but if I was presented the choice to use the M100s or the XS, I'd go M100s all day. I have both lol. So for me the main difference with the XS to the Zn's is that the sound all around, to me is more finished more body than the XS. Where the XS is super clear on certain points in the music I listen to, the Zn adds a little "oomf" or a bit more body to the sound.  When the vocals come...
The presentation is fantastic. There is almost no wasted space!! As with all other V-MODA products, this does not disappoint! The Sport hooks, which I thought I would be tossing to the side because I wear glasses have made it on and may stay!! It just fit so perfect!     When I plugged it into my Nexus 6, the sound was full and it was like sticking a stick of butter in each ear. It sounded magical....like...my M100's magical. I have a pair of XSs as well, but I feel that...
I think mine will be delivered tomorrow . Can't wait!
Why is it Limited Edition? Just asking :). I placed my order as well. Excited to test these out as well! Can't wait!
 I have both as well. Even though I love both to death, I defer back to my M-100s more than the XS. Unless I am gaming, then I go with the XS lol.   I am thinking that I prefer the M100s is because of the type of music I listen to and compared to listening with the XS or the M100s, I tend to gravitate towards the M100s. Maybe due to personal preference? Not sure, but I still have and use both! 
I ordered when they first released but I had to change my order on 6/23. So I will say I ordered on 6/23 or 6/24. So it is a bit of time and I had to change my order.  I think they said 15-20 business day lead time. Which falls in line pretty much with me, but I am on the extreme side.    V-Moda guy that was helping me said this process is brand new so they are still working to get this process more streamlined. Because these get sculpted in Italy then sent over to...
Well I have an answer! Got mine in today and they look friggin sick!!! Pics speak louder than my post lol...   Money shot....lol 
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