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  Yeah! That's it!! Tekken Tag! It's awesome!
Those are awesome!! Reminds me of the Street Fighter boxing kangaroo....or did they have a dino too? I forget lol. 
For me, the XS are for the "on the road" headphones. Where the M100s are my go-to's all the way if I have the choice. Not to knock the XS, they are awesome for the price, but having the M100s for about 6 months now, I have to say are my hands down favorite. I too like bass when it's supposed to be in the track/song and above all else I love clarity. The M100s are my favs.    Bottom line, the XS if thats what you can comfortably afford. It is a great piece of hardware for...
Well I did tell them to max out the size as best they could and I think managed it pretty well. I am happy with them for free lol.
Just got these babies in today. Ordered on 4/14 and received with custom shields 4/16. Just wow...                
Just got mine in. Unboxed but at work so I haven't tested them out yet. I may just take em home to listen to for lunch lol. Quickly replaced my shields and BAM!!   Funny thing is, I ordered on April 14th and I got them in today! And that's with the custom shields!! How awesome fast is that?!? Anyway, here is my pics of my M-100s with customs with my new customs :)              
 Wow, I watch NW all the time and I know you said your part may not be televised, but good luck! Maybe Val should invent a sweatproof/water resistant/waterproof in ear headphone if that's at all possible to sport at the NW camp! Ok maybe not lol, but good luck still!
That would look awesome!  Yea, I have never seen any headsets nowdays that are compatible with the three button cords for Android devices. My Nexus 4 only utilizes the center button on any headsets I use, even my old Nexus One cord lol. Just use a mapping app like Jays Headset app or similar to map out the button presses. Keep in mind long presses may just bring up Google Now on the later Android devices running Jellybean. I have them on my LPs but not custom. They are...
Any color will work with black, it's personal preference really. But I would personally see if your friend can shrink it a bit. I mean you'll still probably wont get it all in the shields without compromising detail. But When looking from a distance I think would look awesome!
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