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I just realized! I'd also trade for studio microphones/mixers/synths/Ableton stuff. Also bump.
Price dropped to $100   I got a pair of Soundmagic HP100s a long, long time ago when I used to be an obsessive budding audiophile. I never used them after the first week I had them, they never fit on my head and I just generally wasn't a fan of how they felt on me. I was gonna sell them on eBay but most people there aren't searching for them.   Included in this sale/trade is:   Soundmagic HP100 Cans Beyerdynamic Velour Pads + Original Pleather Pads All original...
So ive waited WAY too long to buy my first pair of actually good headphones (Ive been surviving on monoprice 8320s). Recently I've been set on Beyerdynamic Custom Pro Ones, but a friend is now telling me they don't really compare to Shure SRH440's (which are half the price), and that they are overpriced peices of crap. So now I'm having second thoughts on my decision, and want some final input from you guys (please, any input at all is truly appreciated).   So these...
Sorry I dont have anything to trade, but where did you get yours? I cant seem to find them anywhere.  
I ordered both the M6s in white and the Monoprices in white. They seem to be the 2 top rated earbuds around for this price range, and I need them soon. So it made sense just to buy them.   Any good threads on modding the monoprices cable or anything? They're looking pretty bland in the pics.
nevermind, I think the M6's in white would be suitable for school. I'm gonna just buy both, and hopefully find some better tips off a broken pair of earbuds for the monoprices.  
If I bought both the M6 and the monoprice could I use one of the many M6 tips with the monoprices? because the monoprice tips look horrible.  
typo? these seem to fall under the 50-85 dollar range.  
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