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oh these were for the Harmony series fans :Poh good thing you heard Focal Utopia, did it give you an idea or two?   
am i the only one who want to see new flagship from Peter?  or a new CIEM series. or new flagship series with different tuning <3 maybe Peter need to listen to Focal Utopia and get inspired by it    @piotrus-g   
just paid for the 2nd invoice :D i hope mine get shipped on Monday :' ) cause they said next week xD
i hope i am next :' )
or they gonna use something else and be like, he we did it first! therefore the price will be 7000$ ;)
didn't the beryllium help to achieve this sound sig? Focal are using new tech compared to the other TOTL headphones right? and its nothing like its falling behind or feel similar to HE1000 and LCD4 yeh i agree it might be overpriced a bit, but it gave us the option to have what some of us here see it as the current best headphone. some people want the best options sometimes :P i am one of them at least XD
Ordered Utopia through my local dealer, will be here in two weeks. then i will let it burn in for 100 hours and Enjoy  also going for DAVE in a month and a half XD 
and Sold (unless something came up with the buyer, then i will re-list them later)
i love alen's comments XD it adds up to the thread ;) everywhere too hehehe   keep it up alen :P
mine will be shipped by the end of next week.
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