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i have a feeling that the Hydra 18AWG will replace all my cables sometime in 2017 O-o''  must test it later :D
once i finish with my current setups, i will go with Hydra 18AWG :D   few days ago i've bought SW22 for my moded TH900 (HD800 connectors)    i love it when frank bring a new top cable, i remember going from SW25 to SW22, i assumed i won't be able to hear the difference but frank keep surprising me each time.   can't wait to order the Hydra 18AWG  :<  but got to buy WA5-LE tubes and maybe LAu amp first.
looking forward to hear about Silver Widow vs Hyrda. the reason why i always pick SW22 over any silver cable is the bass. i think the gold % in the SW cable (with the way that frank make it) make the bass so epic, it sound punchier than normal silver. even the Treble got more air.     now with the Hydra is here the silver game vs SW22 might change?  i assume the Hydra will still sound like silver but more refined and at its finest? yet will not be different as i hope? :P
i am for of a BA person, not sure that the hybrid will suit me. i guess i will read more about Zeus XIV sometime later. might read about AAW 500H too to see how good the hybrids are right now. 
@MrButchi speaking of coloured sound sig CIEMs, what are the most coloured one? i had TH900 before and it was the most fun regarding that kind of sound sig. if i want something similar in that regard then which CIEM should i go with?   been away and lately there been many new CIEMs, like Zues-XIV which is also coloured when it comes to the mids.    some people like only Neutral soung sig, but not me for sure, i am open for more fun :P
Kono Suba OVA!!!! :O i didn't know!!! time to watch :3
 if you mean the whole hobby is overrated, i] won't disagree with you. some people like my brother for example tried high end setups and said wow nice, bu then go back home and still use his current apple ear buds and he is happy with it. for him yes this hobby is overrated because he can live with what he have, or don't feel like he need or care about a better sound quality, which is not wrong ofc. but it differ from a person to another. for me unlike my brother its hard...
by fast laugh i mean my friend's posts, 9gag or similar. but because i am a part of few other groups we usually get hit by haters -.-''  not that i went to check them out :P  just to clear your big misunderstanding :' )
so guys am i the only one who think that DBZ is overrated? i go to facebook to have a fast laugh sometimes.   dealing with DBZ fans is lol.... but what tops it is dealing with SAO fans, its a free headache -.-'' specially when they invade some dot hack threads claiming SAO is better since its getting VR and games and anime -.-'' god....   another similar case how the majour facebook weebs claim that kuroku no basket (dbz went basketball) is better than slam dunk :/ yes...
haha its fine man. its ok to correct me. anyone who hear ,2 will think its an updated or retuned version :P  common mistake XD
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