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the CIEM there is being made with PC 3D, not the old school, the fit is so epic and too comfortable, technology <3 the sound from the CIEM is better too due the isolation difference.and the tips issues will be gone as well.  oh the silver cable make the mentor rocks, someone did recommend the Oslo II cable for me, also a Mentor user here is selling his DHC or what ever was the brand, cable , its silver occ type 4 litz, 250$ i say avoid the waiting time and get it, i bought...
  my 1000th post!! , i made sure it will be on the Mentor thread XD the 500th were on the Miracle thread ,  man long time passed since then, i've bought 2x Miracles before and 2x Mentor now, i am really happy with this company      i hope by the time i reach my 1500th post they will have a new FlagShip, i don't mind it, but i don't see this happening, unless they go for a warmer sound sig and bass head kind of CIEM, who knows.
i was thinking about getting different usb cables but feels like not worth it :Panyone else went for usb cables with the x-sabre?
any one used the tube magic d1 amp? my friend got this dac and the da 1 amp too, he got HD600 1st then the left driver had wierd sound later on, then bought HD650, and same happened later on, like less than 2 months if not one month   he asked around and turned out the power of the d1 is what caused this problem for him,  did anyone heard about similar issue with this amp?
i got the Silver Widow, Black Widow and normal Silver cable from frank too, with the Virus later on i guess my Toxic Cable collection for CIEMs will be completed!!  what next? :<  frank should come up with a new cable hehhehe.
oh this post is alive? all the people moved to the mentor hehe, still the miracle can stand on its own for sure <3
no need i guess, the Merlin got a Dynamic Driver, and the Mentor got a Balanced Armature driver, so bass head wise i say the Merlin would be the choice, but treble,mids, detail and separation i would go for the Mentor. oh about the mids the presentation are different on both, so it does depend on what you like in the end.  ------------ btw people!! i've ordered the LYR II and Voskhod Rockets 6N23p 1974 tubes pair that i bought here on head-fi, will keep updating you with...
they gave me a fedex tracking number <3 guess going to get in 4 days max,   btw can anyone tell me how does the lyr sounds with stock tubes? i will be using them till my new tubes arrive.
Just have ordered a Lyr II <3  when will they ship it? says on the site 1-3 business days,  how was it with you guys? ^^
i say DX90 ^^ the Treble there is better than the Fiio X5
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