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Posts by Shini44     will this Coaxial cable and Fiiox3 allow my Hugo Chord to by pass the X3's DAC? how do i connect the provided cable? Coaxial adapter or something? cause it seems i won't be able to hook these directly correct me if i was wrong.  thanks in advance ^^
i mean as a solution XD since they didn't bring it there to begin with :P  guess i made you confused lol. why didn't they bring the Mentor to begin with? as far as i know a lot of Japs did pre order it, should been a success over there :/ 
Japan exclusive and Universal too (for now), guess its the replacement of the Mentor over there :P  i was really confused XD i mean the Mentor got it all for a Flagship. 
looking forward for your impression about the sound ^^
This what happen when JH announce 12 drivers then suddenly UM goes for the same :P  
i heard the Universal Roxxanne for a week , was enough to break the sound in, also i am not a fan boy or someone with bias opinion, i still find the mentor Treble not good for me, still the bass and the mids did super, also i got to agree with you on the 10 drivers part, the mentor is really enough for the market as a flagship, and no one know why are they going 12 drivers, yes maybe marketing else how will they gain $$$, or they could be going for another song sig this...
haha the Roxxane lost againts Mentor expect in the bass area, the rest Mentor with hands down, the Roxxane is a joke for me, 12 drivers with dull mids and rolled off Treble , why bother making it 12 drivers god knows..... oh MARKETING!! i see , but hey its my opinion... i don't know about the others ^^ anyway!!Maestro! lol am i going to get another UM Flagship and review it soon? ouch i hope it was announced at least next month XD getting the Hugo Chord soon :/ but i might...
can you compare it with the UM Mentor plz :3 
He is a good reviewer hehehe ofc all of them can't wait :P 
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