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  yes UPS always ask for extra Tax :<  USPS don't always ask for tanks in UAE, its too rare, maybe once, but UPS dig the money out of the grave -.-''  Virus vs Silver Poison vs Silver Widow.
Frank you got a PM!!! i want to upgrade <3 
reference series ???? how come i didn't hear about that and i am the craziest person in this topic when it comes to the flagships :<      can anyone compare it with the Silver Widow?  the reference series is a cable or bunch of cables or what? i am so going to buy it and i don't care about the price!!! :D   cause i know that Toxic Cables are the world best!! and only Frank can beat Frank :P  need the info asap! lol i won't be able to sleep tonight!!!   
oh if you hooked your HD650 with a good amp and dac in the meeting (there will be super dacs and amps)then trust me you wont be able to go back to your fiio amp,  and you will find yourself not happy till you upgrade the amp and the dac XDits like someone who tryed his friend HD650 (450$) and went back home to enjoy his beloved apple ear buds, but suddenly they sounded bad :<  and he wasnt able to enjoy the music tell he paid $$$bottom line make sure you get your $$$...
no these were my assignments :P  
oh didnt know this was a from of art, yet for me i was like DANG!! must collect all XD i did even include one punch man, will be a nice surprise for my friend :P  
so far which one you like more? , also give the amp sometime till your brain get used to the sound, just asking about early impressions :P
dang my 1st order is = 125$ :P   did order for two friends and me ofc ^^ if you guys are going to order from the above link, which characters or items or what ever you will be going with?
its the exact board desing man, nothing is different, thas why its called the old version :P  which wasn't available till we did spam Cesar XD so you can read the review from AVG Joe for any info ^^ which i believe i did like few posts ago. its just the front panel is new and the led been replaced.   if you don't want a small hint of warmth in the sound, then the X version is for you, thats the difference between both, also the X version got slightly more bass, maybe...
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