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i am fine with the new look. regardless i will be listening to music so i am fine with the changes, i really like the signature a lot though :D     but yeh i understand why some didn't like it, a friend of mine got the same thing for the black amp and white writing on them. he take it too seriously :P
Thanks for the impressions man, really nice to read some info after all of this wait, looking forward for the 50 hours impressions :3
 with great power/amp comes great responsibility >=) we want some impressions as soon as possible XD
 i know the difference between both, no need to try. my preference leans toward Gen1. as  Gen 2 is warmer and with less Treble Brightness. which i am after to begin with. guess i will go a search for a used one. thanks for the info though.  
was away for 10 days. now resumed watching Re-Zero.EP018....  [[SPOILER]] how many Emilia fans in the house? @_@
was asking about 1st Gen though :P because i know how does it sound like. 
Does they have T1 (1st gen) or?
mine might be shipped early October or Later September. 
Re Zero is so Tense , even attack on titan didn't make me feel this way -.-'' ouch :' )   @ Episode 15 now. marathon O-o'' my heart....  
at Episode 12 , i am enjoying Re Zero   @Rozenberg @akiroz  Rem Best Girl!!! <3  but i feel it will be Subaru x Emilia Regardless..... @_@ hope there will be a PS Vita VN later on XD need Rem Route :<
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