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at that cost the amp section should sound better and higher quality than my 2000$ amp, i mean it seriously should.... else you guys (at this price) should have gone for a DAC only DAVE and made the it (price wise) more obtainable by us head-fiers who can afford most of the high end gear.
still too early for a new flagship ofc, which is the only big news that i wana hear :P  i am a sucker for upgrades and new flagships, i believe one day Peter will yet again step it up and surprise us with a new Super Epic series / flagship   next year maybe? a new flagship every two years isn't bad :D  
Latifa is Ultra boring :/  Sylphy is Bejin and LOL too c: 
Who? you must be talking about Rozenberg the LoLi Masta (Kappa) hehehe. -----------  Watching This now, Park thingy thingy  Finished 5 Episodes, not super, not bad but what piss me off a lot, that the faries are freaking side characters that get less time than these stuffed animals :< what a crime ha? leaving the 4 Super Kawaii girls to be nothing but super side characters T_Toh Sylphy best Guurrll : ))))   but super side character :< :< :<      i was expecting these to be...
  Just Finished inou Battle (talk about being late)   man i want season 2 now :P        but no more KAwwaiii Chifuyu Chan for while :<   
Next week saturday i will test TH900 with Toxic Cable Silver Poison on the WA7tp. it will sound epic :D  i  will try it with RCA Clear top and Mullard cv4003 Oh people forgot to report about Hugo as a DAC vs WA7 DAC the only DAC i had which was able to give detail without sacrificing details/analogy of female vocal was this one, i also asked Jeb Listens to help me testing this theory on a certain track and indeed i was right :P and thanks again Jeb for...
hope you compare it with other CIEMs, and tell us if it was worth the price or not :P  but again its from Japan which tend to be over priced as usual.
i am sure the people are going to love it, it will be a better option that the senhiser portable options for sure.
Glad to hear that you are ok man , how are you feeling now? :<   
so far these are good if you want portable without amp, but as a main headphone in the house nor for fun, i won't pay 399$ for it, i had the Sennhiser momentor before as well and talk about over priced and over rated   from a review on the M40   "But at this price point of 399$ there are many well acclaimed mainstream headphones like HD600, DT880, Q701, HE400 and many portable/power efficient ones like T51 etc, which sonically perform better and offer good comfort in a...
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