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They should change the question to " which one is the most over rated " then it will be a good poll.....  One Punch man is better than all of this crap XD
i saw Love Live 1st season for the OST :P too slacker to start season 2 cause i know i will have to buy the new OST then start sorting my stuff and filter again xD  still good OST :3 the people who work on the music for this show are mostly the same good people who do the opening ending for good animes, thats why  this one feel unique and well made songs wise.   
HAHAHAHAH THIS MANGA!!my friend who gave me JOJO, said this manga is super funny to the max, he keep sending me parts that resemble us, like these part where he return his friend fighting game etc, or fighting games logic jokes XDa Genius and Unique writer indeed, not so many view it like this ofc, cause they love SOA crap >=)  god SOA... super over rated -.-'' oh no offence SOA fans, this is just an opinion :< 
 manga's name? 
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Karen did just cut her pony tail T_T i wish i will open the next episode and her hair will grow back!! :<  my heart!! ouch!! 
oh its not the best trust me, the only reason why i did continue it is because its was one of the 1st animes that i did watch back in 2007, when i was a fresh new otaku who think every anime is epic XD  AKA green otaku syndrome :P 
haha yes! XDoh i don't like to love ru Darkness as an Anime, i love the manga, farming the chapters now, so i read them later XDman i love Darkness more than the original, cause it did focus on the Kohais (yami, her sister, etc) more :3 and Nana <3 oh not sure if the anime version did catch up to the manga yet XD
so i saw this GIF many times! and it was one of the reasons why i came back to watch Bakemongatari now after i saw the original Episode, i must say  .... O-o''  no comment XD  but one of youtube comments were LOL !! "I just realized my dentist has been molesting me for years..." best comment about this episode ever! hhehehhe
PandaMonogatari confirmed !!  our friend Pandaman is in the novel!! XD
LOL! Senjoghara is scary!!! lhehehoh Love & Roll song also in this CD <3 i heard it SO many times XD
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