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no i am a DLC boss in shin megami tensie XD call me beelzbub!!! >=P
i tryed shini, the result was "shini" so shini is still shini XD then i tryed my real name and the result was "hades" how funny, last week i became 26 on the 16th of April 2016 , thats 666 lol... when i was born there was an earthquake in the neighbor country XD and two years ago on the same date (my birthday) there was an earth quick in my city which was the strongest, not this big just lasted for few seconds, then as result we got a day off <3  its funny how my favorite...
slice of life, not all suck man, i love yura yuri, minme-ki and many others that were epic :P yeh i feel you man, if you compare it with the usual SOL its quite the epic fail example -.-''
started 2016 with:   Dagashi Kashi      so so bad, the story is toooooooo short, this anime was about 99% unnecessary boring information about the candy, 0.00001% drama and story progress........ why.,.... just why.... did this get animated?    seems like 100% slice of life, and i was expecting something else, or got my expectation high ;/ 
i just saw it XD i though it was from this year hehehe 
Nisekoimonogatari     https://www.facebook.com/Nisekoi/videos/383332565187724/     will at least the music was nice :' )
oh i wonder how will it sound with your Brimar 5Z4GY which is quite dynamic, it might be a good alternative for people who can't find GZ metal base, looking forward for the comparison. i assume it will be a nice mix between dynamic fast sound and nice lush detailed sound from the TAK. keep us updated amigo :D 
^ ofc amigo!! its a serious business :P
 i will be waiting :P
 yeh seems like the best tubes to own, thanks for the notes ^^ i wanted to know what is the the best pair of tubes to make the sound near the SS (clearly mullard + elrog) but still have the creamy detailed lush mids of a tube amp. maybe elrog + TAK274B? unless you didn't test that before, i guess we won't know? :P to achieve the perfect balance between SS and Tube amp. i guess i will need all of the tubes after while XD  " fleshing out of the mid bass area and vocals " the...
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