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10 days off , Vacation!!   guess i will watch April's List now, most of them are finished or there are some 24eps kind of animes?     any recommendations? :D
was checking the new albums from the new LL group, this one was by far the best :P out of the groups, not as a whole unit (there are three sub groups)       this one wasn't bad too :P  
just wanted to test it for sometime hehehe i am all about TOTL tubes ofc  waiting for my TA-300B and man the burn in time is the most boring and long :' )  like 200 hours dang O-o'' before the TA-300B show some magic.
+1 sound too interesting, would like to know more about this :O  update: found this article: http://www.soldano.com/amp-help/tube-vs-solid-state-rectifiers/ does he mean that SS rectifier will increase the power, add a punch in the lows, and control the bass?  still if this was a good approach it will be popular with tube amps right? which is not the case here. update II: found this as well"Tube rectification will intruduce more "sag" at higher (peak) demands, but that may...
thanks for the info, guess i will start with Raytheon VT-231 first, as it will contribute to the sound sig which i am after.
can anyone tell me about the C3G driver tubes? how does it sound on the WA5-LE? planing to pair it with the Metal Base GZ34/TA-300B   i will need an adapter with them too right?   i found C3G TELEFUNKEN and C3G SIEMENS , different sound or similar?     for EDM and J-pop i should go with Raytheon VT-231? since its brighter and more dynamic etc.     dang i want to test all the options XD
i leave mine on all the day, the charge is on too, then i turn off the Hugo when i am about to sleep. the charger can still be on as it will stop charging once the Hugo is fully charged.   didn't have any issue.
 still this post from @Fririce0003 make me feel kind of worried O-o''   so in case i didn't like the sound then i will pair the TA-300B with Brimar 5z4gy and try to compare the differences.  the TA-247 will be ordered later next month. i mean 1850$ XD got to wait :P 
so same as the WA7? 8 hours then 15 min break for the tubes to cool down? then another session? at least this was the WA7's case.
ordered TA-300B from the local store here, i  will have it by the 10th,   since i asked for that date, before that i will be busy. we have Ramadan (holy month) and AL Eid coming after it, so won't be able to use it till the 10th -.-''       btw people how long can i keep the WA5-LE on?? want to burn in the tubes and give them 100 hours. also do i need to keep the music on loop + low volume?  and with or without headphones? 
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