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I'm not sure I understand correctly, I'm not using the SPDIF (which unless I'm wrong is the coax input), so why would it matter? Are you telling me that the USB input uses the same signal path of the SPDIF?
Hi Kaptiva,   Since yesterday, I'm testing the USB input of the Compass, but from the back USB port of the Macbook Pro (The one right beside the Thunderbolt port on the MBP early 2011). I read on different websites that for some reason (which were detailed but I did not pay too much attention to it), the back USB port of MBPs can provide a lot more bandwidth than the front one, which makes it more suitable for audio purposes. 98% of the dropping are now gone. I at most...
A USB cable has 2 ends. The end that goes into your computer Type A and the end attached to the device is of Type B. There are also mini and micro variations of both types. What you have on the Compass 2 is a standard USB Type A to Type B, which by the way is the same cable as the one you would use for a printer.  
Hi Kaptiva,   It seems indeed to be the same issue. I will try this week-end to see if the issue is still present. If it is, I will proceed with some more testing to try and diagnose what is the source of this problem. It could be the USB port, the OS, the cable, the Compass itself (which I hope it's not). We'll see...
Hi WizardKnight,   I did not do further tests with the USB input, but I will soon. I'll update you once I get have results.
Indeed, I was myself unsure when I got the unit, since the website is less than obvious about it, but the filter adjustments are only available with the Dual WM8741 upgrade.    I'll let someone else answer your other questions though, as for #2, I only tried the stock OPA and the Moon one. I hear a little (not night and day for sure) difference between the two, but I cannot comment for the other two available ones. I have no clue what is your question for #3...
You're probably right up to a certain point, because I know the brain definitely has the power to modify your perceptions, hell it can even cure diseases! But, I doubt it is the only factor. To be certain (more certain), one should buy two units of the same model, burn one in for 250 hours and not touch the other one, then perform A/B testing on them with the same source material. Now, don't ask me to do that, unless you pay for the amps .
It is now 5 days that I have the Compass 2 and I must say it really starts to shine! I do not feel the bass lacking at all anymore (@Kaptiva you can relax, I'm sure you'll enjoy your purchase as much as I do now) and the details are so sharp, the voices so clear, its stunning. I am nearly always using the optical input now, so I cannot give an update as to the quality of the USB input. My initial observations relative to the sound being unbalanced with a strong bias...
Must say right now that Pink Floyd's "Have a Cigar" synths never sounded so good in my ears... Starting to like it 
Thanks HeatFan12,   Your helpful information and threads on the 11.32 and 15.1 gave me a lot of insight regarding Audio-gd and amps/DACs in general. I guess I will have to upgrade my recordings quality though in order to get the best out of this beauty! I keep discovering nice (and sometimes less nice) details in my collection which I never knew were there in the first place!
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