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Hey guys   Up for sale are my Heir 4.A's, purchased them in November last year, have since upgraded to another pair. I am the first owner and I'd estimate about 20 hours have been put into them. Sonically sound, working as it should do. It comes with the large otter box + cleaning tool but no cable.  $360USD shipped worldwide.   Also have the 93SPEC silver cable that I've used with the customs. $140USD shipped worldwide.   $460USD for both shipped worldwide. Buyer...
I've got a DT880 sitting around so I can pair it with the amp and let you know how it fairs.   I imported them from the states, couldn't find a store within Australia, unfortunately.   Cheers
Thanks!    Enjoying it already.
Hey guys!   Received my Fostex with Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable today   Here's a side by side comparison against my D2Ks, definitely a small unit.     Cheers James
Hey Guys!   Up for sale are my Schiit Asgard & Bifrost (USB compatible) combo which are both Gen.1 with 250V input suited for AUSTRALIA use.   Both are in excellent working condition, exterior likewise, no scratches or blemishes.   The only gripe I'd have with the Asgard is the On/Off light, it's more of a softer yellow hue as opposed to the standard white as on my Bifrost, aside from that, no real issues.   What's included: Schiit Asgard, Schiit Bifrost, 2x Schiit...
Hey, Haha yeah, I actually sold my W3's and a few others to fund for the Heir Not sure why but I'm in the mood for a more neutral sounding IEM as my universals, planning to go for a bassier and "fun" custom in the future to complement. Thanks for the input and help! Appreciate it. Cheers, James
Hey guys,   I'm selling these on behalf of a friend, they've been gently used in a smoke and pet free environment. Comes with the original box with the usual accessory suspects included. There are one or two pen markings on the cable and the carry bag (not sure how well they'll show in the pictures). The price includes the Fiio E6 amp which comes with all accessories BUT the charging cable, a nice portable little amp for those constantly on the go.   Buyer pays for...
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