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Nope. I run it without one and from what I've read it doesn't need one either. I haven't used one with it though so I can't attest to what it sounds like with vs. without.
I love my m50, great sound, durable, comfortable. I'm not an experienced audiophile or anything but I really love these headphones so far.
Wrong. I have been using my ATH M50 without an amp and they're fine. They're easy to drive anyway.
That's cool, let me know how you like them
Hey, I just got my ATH M50 from sound professionals today and so far I have been listening for about 2 hours, and no comfort complaints or any complaints really. It sounds absolutely amazing on my TD9 and pretty much kicks my drum amps butt in sound quality (didn't think it would be this big of a difference).   I have been also listening to various MP3 songs (mostly just rock and general stuff, some low and some high quality) and I must say this headphone has really...
Yeah sure thing.
I was deciding between these two also Op. I went ahead and ordered the m50 from sound professionals. It's only $114 dollars after the rebate (might be even less now). The things that turned me away from the HFI were: comfort complaints, S-Logic and generally not as much feedback as the m50. I'm getting my M50 tomorrow so ill see how it goes but I feel as if I have made the right decision.
I was in a similar situation as you and I did a lot of research and ended up going with these. http://www.soundprofessionals.com/cgi-bin/gold/item/ATH-M50 They're very highly regarded, I haven't received mine yet but this is just what I went with.
Thanks everyone for the lovely advice, I have ordered the ATH-M50 coiled from Sound Professionals and I feel that I have made a good decision. I appreciate the feedback regarding the headphones and your all's opinion on them but I have read reviews and researched quite a bit and feel these are good for me.   Also as to the user who asked why I didn't order them on Amazon, the main reason was that they are not an authorized retailer, the second being, I checked today...
I realize this question has probably been asked 3926494727 times but I wanted some answers tailored to my needs. So my dear friends I have been browsing the expansive Internet for months looking at all manner of sub 150/200 dollar headphones and I have decided on the M50! (oh the originality) Anyway after coming to this realization I found another hurdle. Straight or coiled? I understand that the coiled cable is 4 ft ( I think) coiled, and 9 uncoiled, while the straight...
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