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 Upgrade your speakers  . I heard PMC makes some marvelous ones 
 We can't agree or disagree about Odin cuz I never heard it ;) . thks for your trust though ;)   @dub ; Ony38 on HF, Ony on TN . He heard the Odin at the recent event in Paris in a new shop and shared some impressions with me ;) 
Congrats Womaz. Sounds like your used the best method to elaborate a proper opinion and make you choice .  
 Sorry but there's not such a think like "french school" . HCFR is only a headphone section of one website where debates are mostly centerered around a shop and his clients and friends. THey mostly share some impressions about stuff the shop sells.  And the shop is the French Kennerton Dealer.   BTW, some ears I trust ( Dub, Superfred21, ONy38 ) heard and liked the Odin so i'm a bit puzzled to read so many different impressions.  I probably should borrow one and make my...
For those who don't want to sell a kidney for CIEMs, My Custom Art Music 2 are fairly priced, works well for absolutely everything including orchestral music and impress (Resolution and soundstage ) me each day I use them.  I'm not experienced in Hi End IEMs though so you can probably have better but probably for subtantialy more than 350€ ;) 
 I'm serious ;) IMO , the HD800 is a stellar headphone especially for Classical and Instrumental contemporary Jazz where Stellar recordings are fortunately frequent.  If you don't listen to those genre, still IMHO , there're better choice,  HE1K is maybe one but I'm not fan of this Hifiman. I'd probably pick a HE-6 any day . For Electronic music , Rock and Metal , HE-6 bass extension and Slam , mids , speed , clarity, viscerality do wonders . IMO , it lacks the subtleties...
  Forget the HD800 then . And i'll dare to say , forget the HE1K as well and buy a HE-6 ! 
 Don't think the treble will change that much but better amplification will probably improve HD800 bass response then the overall balance can improve as well.  btw , if you really love your HD800, I strongly encourage you to try some of the best rig for that headphone and see if yours competes. UK meets would probably help.  EQ and light mods are very good options as well .   
The "someone",is probably me. I described he1k's bass as oceanic in my review some times ago. Seems we're on the same page.
 ...to say the least.... 
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