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ah ah ah ah. Just buy a ticket for California . I'll be there between 10/29 and 11/5. I'll be happy to pay you a beer and a pair of resonators. 
Thks for your comment about Utopia's staging @Lojay. This a key point for me. I love when my headphone can sound very differently accordingly to the recording :) . Looking forward your comparison between all your current and future headphones.    @bigfatpaulie: Ugh.. you're selling all your stuff except Utopia and Dave ? 
Thks.  Seems I'll struggle less than you to keep a decent usable volume range then :) 
I'm usually between 2 ( sometimes less for heavily compressed music)  and 4 in balanced mode with my HD800SD.  @froger what volume range are you using with  your HD800 ? 
  Never heard the Val2  but from what I've read here or there the val2 is not warm at all so I don't think an amp will bring the change you want except some very Hi end ones like Eddie current top offers.  if I were you and If I couldn't stand the slight loss of instrument separtion i'd go back to HD800 and EQ or mod it to your tastes :) 
Ah ah ah @froger : Seems we'll have exactly the same setup !! . I'm not that convinced by the Ken rad VT244 though. with my HS800SD, my current setup is Yggy/Stratus with KR2A3,NOS 6N1Pev from the sixties and a 5931 Sylvania but i'm also happy with a Svetlana 5u3C black plates from 60s as well (bit warmer and probably laid back compared to my 5931).  My fav' with the HD800SD is my miniwatt/visseaux 2A3 though. A touch more rounded tubes with some euphonia in the mids help...
 It's inherent to the 800S compared to HD800 :) 
Fixed for something more accurate indeed
You likely will know very soon. Crossed fingers!
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