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 Some Beta Users took time weeks ago to write some substantial reviews includings comparisons with current flagship. I know weeks are equal to centuries on HF but maybe it worth a read.  http://www.head-fi.org/a/list-of-major-hifiman-he1000-reviews-impressions-and-videos
@bigfatpaulie : Great post . Thks ! 
 First one is : what's the price for the 20A amp. asked Donald for the Solaris amp but forgot to ask for the other one. 
New statement amp. Like a stratus with the best parts available. Custom built trnsformers by audionote. Uber capacitors. Sounds like the ultimate stratus.
I've no doubt Donald will propose a really awesome amp but I know what are my financial limits for now. 
 6-8000$ price range. 
Out of my budget range unfortunately... 
IMO the HD6x0 are the one the few headphones that need proper amping to shine at its best.. then , they compete easily with a lot of TOTL headphones.  When I say "proper" it does not mean "expensive".  Schiit Vali for the cheapest , Valhalla 2 and Bottlehead crack + speedball upgrade are often considered as extremely good value. SS options are Magni 2,  Meier Corda Jazz for example. Project ember is an hybrid and offers extremely good value as well. There're other...
In fact , the more I learn in TOTL headphone the most I'm reluctant to rank them. I can do that for myself based from what I hear about technicalities but no more.    In the case of HE-6 , HD800 and HE-6 are equal, share some similarities and enough differences to make them complimentary . i switched from one to the other during weeks and I was not able to tell myself which I prefer. Considering how I'm a HD800 nut, it's really rare.  HE-6, HD800 and some Stax are my...
"Better musical experience" is a personal thing. Depends mostly on our music and audio tastes. To each their own.
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