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Yup. that's my thought as well but I imagine professionnal don't care that much about the enhanced frequency response . They use  massively equalizer and can custom the sound of their headphone accordingly to what they use it for. My 2 cents.  
Definitely an anomaly. Sorry for you. My own cable is Rock solid.
Venus Audio cable here as well. No issue at all. Super solid cable and I'm not gentle with it. I. Ordered a pigtail xlr to Jack as well and the quality is the same.
 Yup. I looked for some sources when I understood that what I was hearing with the HD800 was hat the mic recorded. In fact, we're the mic . so when we sometimes hear the piano as unnaturally huge with the HD800, it was actually accurate because it's how the mis "hear" the Piano.  Listening to solo Piano is super interesting and helps to understand how the presenation is affected by how the instrument is recorded. Should be mandatory but I never thought to that when I began...
  This! Hundred times this.  FR should be seen as a whole.  A bit more db here or there can affect the whole sound.  and Yes , the bass response affect how we hear the mids/treble. and vice versa. 
@chakku : focusing too much in measured FR is a mistake. You know I'm fan of measurements and I use my personal rig to produce some but ALL measurements, including  FR, should be always compared to Subjective listening impressions.  As you can see in my profile , I owned and or reviewed a bunch of headphones and I compared them to my HD800 and I definitely think the Seen is as close to neutral than a HD600 even if measurements suggest big differences.  I hear those...
  Depends on how the Piano is recorded and where mics are positionned and how the sound engineer worked.  
@vc1187 : your impressions are for the HD800 right ? in stock form ? not a HD800S or a modded HD800 ? 
I heard good things about the KR and I definitely think it's maybe #1 on my wish list.  I imagine the super transparent nature of the KR and the smoothness of the Stratus are a match made in heaven. 
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