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  lol. Nope. it's only 6g for a pair. 
For a friend : He 's ready to let go his minty HD600, bought one year ago and still under warranty until 2018. Likely less than 100 hours of use. Delivered in the original box. This HD600 is still absolutely stock with no mod applied. He finally choosed and kept the HD650. Wordwide shipping , costs & paypal fees are not included in the price. 
 1. yup 2. Dunno 3.4 Pairing with the Stratus and HD800 is great. No worry about that. The Stratus is an SE design and offers only RCA inputs. Nevertheless , the Stratus offers a true balanced output ( SE > Balanced conversion is done my the Output transformer) and imo it sounds a tiny bit better with the HD800. ( better aka a tiny bit more tight/focused.. i wouldn't bet my paycheck on a ABX test though ;) ) 
Congrats !     
 Yup. Maybe a dedicated thread to Sonarworks/ Equalization should be more appropriate. 
My HD800 is already my go to headphone for EDM . 
@jazz : I never felt at any point you wanted to put down the mod . No worry. Same here for me , I fully agree with the fact EQ is the likely the better tool to adjust FR . I just know it's not for me now for different reasons but Using EQ definitely makes sense in my book whereas searching warm gooey amplifiers to tame down the HD800 is a wrong path imo. Better ( in the sense of "more rationnal" )  option is to put 300$ in a HD650 and associate a good amplifier that makes...
For me, things are quite simple. I had the HD800, bought the HD800 S , found the FR was better on the S and a friend of me showed how to remove ( and put back) the mesh. Then began the work to make something efficient, easy to DIY and easy to produce that always performs the same. I think the Superdupont Resonator (SDR) is an interesting option for HD800 owners when they want to make it perform closer to what HD800s does but without the bass distorsion and the bigger...
They're different . it's hard to say. I' wouldn't choose the HE90 over my HE60 for most of the music I listen to but for Classical , the HE90 wins hands down.  The HE60 is more fun, punchy , forward. The HE90 sounds more "grand" with thicker mids maybe a tiny bit slower with diffuse bass whereas the HE60 is more punchy.  Dunno if my experience can be translated to every HE90 and HE60. Those old headphones are sometimes not in the best shape after years. 
 IME  ( I had a good session with the HE90 a few weeks ago and I own the HE60 ) sennheiser Stats competes with the HD800 in term of soundstage. Different but i wouldn't say the HD800 is better. As much as i love my HD800 , HE60 and HE90 offer both  a more "natural" presentation wheread the HD800 soundstage is more typical of headphones where elements are a bit spread off in a large sphere around the head. HE60 & HE90 offer a better sense of infinite/borderless soundstage...
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