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 Musicality... such a subjective thing. IMO, too many peopke have the bad habit to mix their own tastes and "musicality". For the music I listen to and with my preferences, I don't feel the HD800 lacks of musicality. That's not the truth, that's only my opinion . I don''t believe in any "truth" in matter of musicality.
Metrum Octave + DNA Sonett 2 + (stock)) HD800 here .   This combo is more oriented IMO for modern Jazz , EDM and all modern music.  If I'd listen mostly to classical , I'd keep the dac and would maybe change the amp for something with more Clarity/Sparkle/Bite in the treble ( EC Zana deux maybe or a solid state amp?  ) but my Octave adds something special to my (unmodded) HD800. There's something so real in the overall tone I really like.
  Very kind offer mate . But I think I will purchase it in next month as I did for the T1. I'll keep it 2 or 3 month in order to make my mind .If I really like it , I'll keep it ;)  . Currently I've an ed12  and I'll try to get a HE400i for reviewing purpose in october when the ed12 will be gone.
+1 for HE-500. this headphone is on my wish list too and the 560/400i hype will provide many classified at low prices I guess :p
+1 Bleak ! great post.   Maybe , a long time ago it was harder and far more expensive to test amps and dacs by ourselves. Now, we "only" ( that's still a lot o money indeed , don't get me wrong) have to spend  one or two hundred dollars to buy some very well regarded gear . It's easier than ever to test at home.
 Thanks for those inputs ;)  . I'll try with the Sonett. the DNA can run balanced or SE from the same XLR ouput and Impedance and Gain stay exactly the same ( 28 ohms) .
    Very different experiences there . Considering the Sonett is far less powerful than the Stratus and my average listening lever is between 4 and 5  ( 6 and 7 for classical)  in low gain, I guess i'm more in the Bigfatpaulie camp...
 I have the box in front of me of my desk... Xmas gift from my dear mother. :)  Currently listening to :   This Last one is the a Live solo of doublebass. It's stunning and Highly recommanded !! 
@skeptic : Did your compare balanced and SE mode on your Mainline. I haven't a XLR terminated cable ( I hope having it soon ) so I didn't try Sonett Balanced mode yet :)
  Price seems a very important point for you. I heard and compared the HD800 and the Abyss on a Totaldac D1 Dual + Eddie Current Balancing Act myself and found the Abyss is a very impressive headphone indeed but the HD800 despite its lower price stays close in my opinion.  I heard a SR009 ( with EC Electra and my own Metrum dac) and it's more my cup of tea but the HD800 is not very far either. 
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