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Makes sense considering what the mod brings to the table ;) .   I already have a pair of KRaudio 2A3 I bought recently and a pair of NOS Miniwatt Visseaux Donald measured and listened for me. Seems they're really good but I feel the presumably more neutral KRaudio will do the trick for my HD800SD . I'll grab a pair of Mazda or philipps 6BQ7a asap and see how is the result.  I haven't any U52 yet but already a bunch of well regarded 5U4G to roll.   The final wait will...
 You're welcome my friend. Fortunately for me, it seems i'll soon be able to enjoy the same experience than you and I hope I'll be as happy as all Stratus owners here.  @jsgraha : Did you change your fav' tube combination after the "Superdupont" mod ? What are you using right now ?   
@arnaud: I got where you're coming from thanks.
@arnaud you're talking about properly amped sr009 but what was the amp you used with this hd800S?
 Sorry, I didn't get it. The mod I propose is for all HD800 and its purpose is basically to make the HD800 closer (if not similar) to the HD800S. Superdupont Resonator should be easy to find through your favorite search engine. 
Honestly, I tried different sizes and the 2mm one offers good results and is still easy to work with to make the resonator.  I Still think there's some room for improvements but Dunno it will still stay easy to DIY , to produce in small series and to remove in case of.  Let's say the current State od the SD resonator is a good compromise.    Hope that makes sense.  
Honestly, HD800S and HD800 are not THAT different. IME ,they're more two flavours of the same headphone.  I presum, HD800S and HD800 will sound at best with different tube combination .That's all. Maybe I'm wrong.    My HD800SD still waits his Stratus. I decided to visit Donald and pick my amp directly in the US when I'll do the trip to California. probably in early november.  i already purchased most tubes I'm interested in and considering the current State of my Modded...
You're welcome. No offense taken.     Just take care to pull a bit the creato ring to make it fit flush to the top of the hole in your HD800. Then,  the bottom of the resonator is pushed at the bottom of the home and the SD is fully extended with the creatology ring flush to the top. it makes a substantial and measured difference.    Tyll wasn't precise enough on that point.    And it's definitely not necessary to take off anything else than dust covers to install...
Yup my work is under creative Common license and necessary mentions should appear. Glad you enjoyed it @dxanex. Take care to read carefully my how to though. The SD resonator needs to be positioned more carefully for optimal performance. Moreover there's no necessity to dismantle the hd800 to apply the mod. Just remove dust covers and you'll have full access to the screen.
 Yup. combination is good to my ears as well. Not stellar but good. bass and overall sound lack a bit of impact and heft. I hope the SRX plus will bring what I looking for. :) 
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