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How much money are we talking about? For what use? Sedentary or on the go?
Yup. The he1000 is both forgiving to the material and transparent for the associated gear. Sounds weird but that's what I think as well.  Maybe you can try there.    You could Ask before ordering maybe. ;) 
 In my experience, well amped planars are damn fast. Even mid-fi ones ( at least  the old Hifiman HE-4 and 400 for example) .  Sure the 009 is the faster headphones I heard though.   IMO and IME the HE1K is really fast... once started.
Thks Avrosse.    I don't listen only to classical but I think I prefer my Stratus to stay on the neutral/transparent side more than on the lush/warm side. From what I read and heard , the Stratus is already on the warm side I think I don't want to add even more warmth.    Your post helped me to do my choice  and I'll buy a full set of EML for my Stratus and I'll see if that's ok for me and compare to my NOS visseaux/miniwatt 2A3.  if none of these 2A3 do the trick then...
 Several people including me noticed  the softness of the attack , the lack of depth in the soundstage , the lack of presence and the imprecises imaging. we wrote pages to explain exactly what we heard . It's not subtle and once thoses issues are noticed , it pervades in all the frequency range and "haunts" the music. we compared the HE1000 to HD800 , HE-6 , AByss, SR009 mostly and use somet decent dac andamps ( Eddie Current 4-45, 2A3 mkIV , Ragnarok, Dynahi, AudioGD HE-9...
Definitely upgrade in my opinion.  The BM II is more refined & resolving and offers a superb holographic soundstage. IMO Your HD650 + Ember is already a absolutely great combo and the BM II would complete it nicely.  Consider the embedded amp as a plus for when you can't use your ember.    Don't Forget Beresford proposes to refund you if you don't notice the upgrade; ;) 
 Now I have your Vali. Wha't the differences with your current Valhalla 2 ?  Third time I buy a Vali. Will use it while I'm waiting my Stratus. 
 +1 . Resolution helps to make the illusion believable and contributes to the "I'm there" effect.  it's not distracting. it's involving.   I would like to add another point. Most music nowadays is recorded in artificial conditions. Mics very close to the instruments, guitars plugged directly in the sound console , Multi tracks recordings ... what we hear finally has nothing to do with a real live performance except in some recordings where the Sound engineer tried...
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