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 I'd say the best is to try first without any modification and EQ and see what issues are still bothersome after a while and only, it's OK to decide if issues are a dealbreaker or not and in the second case , fixing the issues are the way to go.  My personal experience is : I own my HD800 since 2013, lived with it during 2 years, tried a bunch of dacs and amps; I began to apply mods during the third year and created my own mod during the fourth year and now I just finished...
In my opinion,  "tonal issues" are facts and they aren't relative to my tastes or preferences.  a good chunck of "issues" is sometimes the thing that make us love something or someone :) ..     At least, it's what my wife explained me when sh look at my belly. ahem. 
@MattTCG : yea, 8 years old driver. Shows its age compared to the new focals for example. But those focals exhibit other issues.  and despite the slowness, i never found a headphone i prefer to my HD800.    @ColtMrFire :  Even if those issues don't bother you, denying them makes no sense.  I never heard a 100% perfect headphone. Only headphones with issues I can live with or not.  
HD800 tonal issues are there . Mainly Slight lack of bass extension and impact compared to the best ( HE-6 for example) , dipped high mids and a treble emphasis especially around 2 or 3 spots.  those issues can have more or less significant effect depending on the music we're listening to.    I recently bought a RME ADI2 pro soundcard that offers ( amongst a lot of other features ) a 5 bands parametric EQ so I'm playing with it and listened to a lot of sweep tones to...
Yea still with my old Senn. Your positive comments are much appreciated thks! Good to see you back here. Good advices ,good music recommendations and a good sense of humor are always welcome.
Hey Mate . Welcome back here :) 
@bigfatpaulie, can you provide more pics of the news covers that hide AN trafos please ?  
 Congrats  . I'm definitely looking forward impressions ;) 
wooooowooooooo. Your are #3 in the list right?
Google will help for all mods . "HD800 mods" and "Superdupont resonator" are keywords you can maybe use. They are mostly discussed in some other forums here or there ;) 
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