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Finally I'll try Karajan 61 , Haitink , Bohm and Chailly .  I've many exciting hours/days of listening ahead . Many thanks for all advices.
 HI Jude. Its a bit  old now. Maybe we can consider to Give to Beresford Products a new chance to shine here on HF.  We're many owners ( not affiliated to Beresford) who like to share impressions and news about Beresford DACs.
I really don't want to create any debate. I'm talking about Beresford dacs myself in this thread or here or there but I won't create a new thread. That's all.
Unfortunately, I won't. I PMed moderators to ask the question about deleted or locked threads about Beresford stuff. Right now they prefer to avoid any new Beresford thread on HF.
Mine is ordered. I should receive it in the next days.
  Yes. i've found this recommandation  on the free flac thread. Great indeed :) . Maybe you can try Asgeir and Chet Faker for som Folk/vocal/Electro mix.
Thks guys. I'll check some of your recommendations.
 Humph . Impressive recording indeed !
I'm lookin for another good version of the complete Beethoven Symphonies. I've that one :     I'm considering that one :       Is this any good ?   What's could be a reference recording for the Complete Symphonies  from 80s to now ?
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