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 Yep. Red is always faster. 
Hello   I sell my pair ot Etys. Jut bought a week ago. I changed dampers for Orange 3300 Ohms one. I struggle too much with the fit/seal to keep them and I prefer my CIEM too. They're in pristine condition and all accessories and tips are there. They was gifted to the first owner for Xmas. He had already another pair so he sold those ER4 to me.   Package includes : ER4p + S adapter + 3 pairs of triflanges + 1 pair of Gray foam tips + 3 pairs of complys + 1 pouch + the...
 I' have the worst difficulties to recover the headphones I own in Headroom graphs.  What I hear is closer to what Tyll proposes on IF . my 2 cents. 
Very little Differences in A/B direct testing can become  Nirvana or inferno after weeks/month. IME long time listenings are more revealing.  Just my experience. 
Ah ah . i take care to do no mistake. Fortunately my SMSL SA-50 is a really cheap ( but apparently good)  T-amp ;) 
 Where's the risk ? For the amp or the headphone ? 
  IMO , driving the HE-6 is inded problematic in term of raw power. I' don't think the HD800 shares the same needs.  BTW I just tried with my SMSL SA-50 + HE-adapter . Sounds OK but with a serious hum.  I stopped the experience.  With the HE5LE , the result is really good though. 
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