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HCFR is one of the biggest Hifi + HC  forum in France. very rich with a lot of interesting people in man subjects. The headphone section is only a very small part of the website :)  
I confirm Harty's method is the good one and perfectly well described . 
HCFR has become something like an appreciation thread for Casques-headphones and his clients and friends... I'd take what is written there with a grain of salt and I'd wait some  more impressions in next weeks/month. Maybe this Odin is a  true Marvel ,maybe it's a FOTM. Can't know . Odin arrived at Casques-headphones less that a week ago.  Impressions are good thus far but let's time tell if it's a new toy effect or not.  As usual.  Kennerton/Fischer-audio makes usually...
Yea the Vali does a great job as well although the downgrade from the Audio-GD HE-9 to the Vali is significant.  I Still have some month of wait for the Stratus and it will be looooong. 
 Not received your GSX mkII yet ? 
 Very interesting, I was lurking around those tubes indeed. Keep us informed please ;) 
I'm on the same page for TH900 treble I find really piercing except of a bunch of amps.  And yes the HD800 is a great headphone for Electronic music.    Congrats for the purchase ;) 
 I'm not surprised at all. I already wrote my opinion in my review a few weeks ago and nothing I read from people I trust changed anything of what I think about the HE1K  : 
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