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   But I'm waiting an utopia to make my own opinion by myself 
Honestly my choice would still go to the Vali 2. Easy to resell. Cheap tubes. Very good value.
I always preferred my HD800 from Low Z outputs ;) ...  OTL output is very high Z on the MG Head . It affects ( colors) the sound significantly and I much prefer more transparent gear ;) 
I preferred the Transformer coupled mode :p. 
ahhhh the MG head. lovely old amp. that's a good find and allows you to use it  through OTL AND tranformer coupled mode ;) .  Forget about other options right now. your MG head will do the trick until you'll listen to some other options and decide what suits the best to your tastes :) . Find a pair or Mullard EL84 and a good transparent 12AX7 ( siemens was my fav') .  We compared that amp to some well regarded contender ( Project Ember for example) and the Old MG head gave...
Vali2 is more an easy going option. sounds clean and fun. not boring or sterile but still far for Stellar results you can get from a totl tube amp imo. Never heard the Valhalla :) 
And the Vali2 is not an OTL amp. Input tube stage + Solid State output if I remember well.  Indeed, very cheap tube rolling options :)  
  Vali2 won't disappoint you. Never heard yet the M-stage :)  Trust me : Real upgrades from the Vali2 are Hi End amps . The Small Schiit will let you decide safely if the HD800 Modded or not is right up your alley and then wait to fund one of usual best amps for the Senn. 
It's a good question and I highly think that the stock HD800 FR is purposedly designed as how Senn saw a modern reference sound a few years ago.   The HD800 was designed and created before 2009 right ? at that time, most audiophiles who were ready to spend 1500$ in a headphone was using their headphones in association with a speaker system and were mostly classical listeners and I highly think the HD800 was especially designed for classical.   Since then , the...
Well put. I definitely think the distorsion thing is over emphasized. I have both hd800S and hd800sd on my desk before to let go the 800S and the only downside I heard on the S was a slight congestion for complex orchestral music and a bit less instrument separation. That's all.Looking forward your impressions
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