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Got it late tonite. Thank you DVass13. I have sent an address request to mac336. Alrighty, going to enjoy this beauty. Thank you Justin for this opportunity. Cheers
Sounds good to me....sounds good to me.
Oh my, this is what I missed..... Almost all the big dogs showed up, bravo. Will there be another event next year? Cheers
Oh my....listening to Etta James' Ball and Chain......She has an unbelievable voice, so powerful. I can't believe this thread are not buzzing with more praise. Well.....I am loving 'em. Have a Happy New Year everybody.......Cheers
Yes, thank you Justin. Fostex TH-600 is awesome.Cheers
+1 on Ljoker's review.
I hope this helps too....I have tried them with iOS 7.03 This is the link to another thread. http://www.head-fi.org/t/682222/ios7-iphone-and-apple-cck/150#post_9907243 Cheers
Musical but sexy beast..... Cheers
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