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They were made by Norse Audio so I titled them as such. For those who do not know, Norse Audio exists now as Norne Audio. So the modern iteration of this cable is made by the company named "Norne Audio"
Selling my Audeze LCD-3 with a ~6.5 foot beautiful Norse Audio Draug cable, wooden case and wood care kit.    Headphones are in excellent condition, some people are very picky with the word "mint", so I will not use it. Grills and wood cups show no signs of damage or wear. Headband and ear pads show signs of use but no damage. It is near impossible to keep the piano black lacquered wooden case mint, but as you can see in the pictures it is in very good shape and marks of...
I had commissioned one to be built as well and was curious, what was the total number of F5 clones he had in the works?
 I do not think you understood my point. Schiit is not competing with Marantz.
I hope the Ragnarok will be nothing like the offerings from Marantz, Denon and even McIntosh. I hope it will be better, better like how a bottle of scotch is better than a bicycle. . .
This seems like an amazing deal. I already have the HE-6, with an F5 clone on the way and this is still tempting.
It is a different sound and could still be worthwhile.
I am not sure why people keep saying Emotiva amps have high gain. Based on the specifications the gain seems pretty average compared to other speaker amps.
Is the price for one pair or both pairs?
This is the most arousing for sale posting I have seen.
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