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Sorry, I am not the original owner, and therefore I do not have that information or material.    I do not think they are Fazor and I doubt they are still under warranty; it did not come up with the recent RMA.    I just checked and they do in fact have Fazor.
This is more than they were new
Thank you for the advice.
Does anyone know what sort of price one might pay for an SR-009 if actually in Japan? Could one expect to get a better deal than on PriceJapan.com?
They were made by Norse Audio so I titled them as such. For those who do not know, Norse Audio exists now as Norne Audio. So the modern iteration of this cable is made by the company named "Norne Audio"
------Update 1/10/14--------Brand New Cups-----------------------------------------------------------------------------   Another Head-Fi member pointed out to me that there appeared to be cracks in the wood by the cable connectors, which was correct and unnoticed by me. I sent the headphones to Audeze for repairs and they have been returned with completely brand new wood cups. I have not worn or used the headphones since, so the cups are completely...
I had commissioned one to be built as well and was curious, what was the total number of F5 clones he had in the works?
 I do not think you understood my point. Schiit is not competing with Marantz.
I hope the Ragnarok will be nothing like the offerings from Marantz, Denon and even McIntosh. I hope it will be better, better like how a bottle of scotch is better than a bicycle. . .
This seems like an amazing deal. I already have the HE-6, with an F5 clone on the way and this is still tempting.
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