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its not that i dont want any economic simulation...i just dont like the fact that when you aren't using the resources  they fall anyway
  never tried civilizations...ill add that to my list thanks...loved starcraft but didnt like the "you can only play it when you have internet " thing for starcraft 2  
i played dawn of war but didn't like the low pop cap....ill try company of heroes now....thanks
hmm i played cossacks but i remember the resources kept start off with 1k of all resources and then have to keep collecting to keep it there or it will go to....the thing with me is i start of defensive and grow an army then attack and thats not good when resources are falling...thanks though
Hello, I am looking for a strategy game to get while i wait for ac3...I all the command and conquer games except tiberium wars and tiberium twilight...i also liked age of empires and mythology, rise of nations....i need suggestions for games preferably one that isn't tooo futuristic....and i hate games in which your resources constantly drop, the rate at which it drops increasing with the more units you have. Thank you
yeah....i didn't get that either....thought it was probably something i hadn't heard about.
why don't you make a fence using chicken wire?...its cheap and if its high enough the dog wont be able to get in....keep food and water for them to eat ad lib and they will stay there happily....and get a chew toy for the dog....all this does doesn't cost much and should solve the problem....the thing with shelters is they have to make space for the new animals that are being sent to them so if your dog isn't adopted they will euthanize it and you cant be sure how they...
Guess ill go for the portapro then...thanks alot
Hello, I need new headphones since my current ones are destroyed....after hearing so much about the xb300 and portapros, i wanted to one of them but cant decide which....i mainly use it on the laptop...when its not on the lappy, its on my phone...i don't care about looks since ill be listening to music and not what people are saying about my headphones...the only things i care about is comfort and sound....keeping in mind that i walk around with it alot so it has to...
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