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USB converters: Anedio U2 (1) Audio GD DI-V3+DIPSU (1) Audiophileo (2) Fiio E10 (1) Halide Bridge (3) KingRex UC384 32/384 Async USB Converter with AES/EBU (1) Music Fidelity VLink 192 (3) Stello U3 (6) USBridge 192 (1) Yulong U18 Asynchronous 24bit 192khz USB Digital Interface (1)     Budget/Entry level (Below $1000): Ack DAC 1.0 (1) AD Labs RD-26(1) Audio-GD DAC19DF (1) Audio-GD NFB 1.32 (1) Audio-GD NFB 11.32 (2) Audio-GD NFB 12...
does the old/first clas works with iphone/itouch 5? 
What's the price for 334?
Still available?
have anyone compared it to continental V2?
Hi rudi0504, can you give us review on stax sr002, you already got that item on KK, is it right?
Is there any different sound quality with LOD on ipod /iphone/ipad in all generation.
T1 is beautiful headphone. But you have to use desktop amp to get enough power. I have ipod+clas+continental/rx mk3+T1/LCD2 rev.2 The LCD2 is far better than T1 on this set up. But when I'm using T1 with desktop like beta22 and Burson its sing better.
  how do you compared with Iphone > CLAS > ALO COntinental > LCD
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