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Do you know where to get the cable? Im already check taobao from the post before and didnt find it.
Is it possible to connect cayin i5 to chord mojo dac/amp?
Is that connector 30pin + micro2micro usb works with mojo?
Maybe my cable got some problem, do you know how to test the connection via lightning to mojo,, plug the mojo and it never get connected,, volume ball has light but none the power ball,
Anyone use taobao cable for idevice? (Lightning to micro) My cable suddenly doesnt work, 😲
When UAPP comes to ios?
Line out digital will makes this things compete with >500$ dap 👍 Anyway cant wait for mine #23 Keep the good work
Any impression on hd650? Do you ship to indonesia?
Yes, sorry for that confused,, i mean phones and dap as transport, which is better? Coz the connection is between usb and toslink/coax
Whats the best source for mojo? Idevice->micro usb->mojo or DAP(ibasso dx90/ak100/cayin)->coax optical->mojo, Im currently using the idevice but willing to change to DAP if its worth it.
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