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Thanks, hopefully they work. I personally hate these pads!
Yeah it feels really hot and scratchy. Are there any pads similar to these that I could buy that would fit these headphones?
I would much rather have some leather pads that feel more comfortable. I don't really like the feel much at all.  
Does anybody have a good link where I can buy some more comfortable pads for these that would fit? I don't like the stock ones at all.
As far as comfortability goes, how would you guys rate these?
Thanks a lot man! I read that review a while back. I'm sure the SMS Audio's aren't the best and especially after reading that review. Like I said, I don't know a lot about headphones and which sound better, but for $50 I couldn't pass up buying these. People comparing it to the Sennheiser HD 650's was enough for me to buy them.   If there's anyone who personally has owned or listened to the SMS Sync headphones and could give me a comparison or what I should expect then...
I just bought a pair of these due to all of the positive feedback on this thread and the great price. I'm not an experienced headphones listener at all. I have a pair of SMS Audio Sync headphones by 50 that were given to me. How much of a step up are these headphones compared to the ones I'm currently using? I realize that the SMS Audio's are probably similar in sound to Beats which aren't exactly great listening headphones. If anybody on here could give me some insight...
Should I bid on these? I really want them, but I'm not sure if I should get the refurbished ones or not. I don't have the money to buy them at full price.
I've always liked the way they looked and thought it would be cool to own a pair of wireless headphones. I've read reviews that said they were better than Beats. However, Beats are not good headphones. So should I get the SMS headphones or perhaps go with another pair around $150? If so, please list it.
I also forgot to mention that my SkullCandy's are broken. One of the main reasons I don't like them is simply because they are uncomfortable and hurt my ears after listening for around 20 minutes or so.   I'm thinking about getting Sennheiser's since I've heard that they are the best. But i'm not sure what kind to get or if their are other brands that are better. As for the questions:   1.)  Do you want them for travel? It doesn't really matter to me. As long as...
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