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Ok 10cm sounds like they might fit my cans. PM sent.
Hi do these fit Ultrasone pro900? If you arnt sure, can you please measure the diameter of the cups please?
Fantastic. I've never smoked pipe... Well, not the gentleman's type anyway. ;o) Would love to give it a try, I know it smells terrific and I'm sure I'd love it. Thanks for your input, loving your sound setup too. Do you not have it set up for surround?
Hey Head-Fi,   We all obviously love music, but what I want to know, is what else do you do while listening to your favourite tunes through your favourite cans? Post a pic demonstrating this and give us a little insight into why you love this passtime.    I like to kick back with a cigar and a mag or browse forums.... I'm into guns and I LOVE a good cigar. Anyone else like a good stogie?     I'm currently listening to some minimal through my Ultrasone...
...lol.     Ok... point taken haha... still though, Pro900's are pretty huge. Loving it.
I haven't seen bigger than Ultrasone Pro900's and I've just acquired a pair, specifically to be used on my daily commute to and from work. Using them the last few days, first day I felt a little self conscious but now I'm so immersed in enjoying the music that I just don't give a flying f....
LOL go figure. Waiting on Lawson's reply to my expression of interest on stock Denon pads. (They don't have a direct online selling service) Will keep you guys posted, but please feel free to offer any other advice or opinions!
Just regarding leather Denon pads on the Pro900's. http://www.head-fi.org/t/630104/finally-ultrasone-pro900s-issue
LoL, I love it. Less is more!
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