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Hey guys! I am currently looking for a cheap set of custom iems at or as close to 100 dollars as possible. Another option could be custome earphone covers which seem to be much cheaper. If anyone knows of a good recommendation, please resoijd. I enjoy mostly rock with a little pop and dubstep. Thanks a lot. -Penguin1026
Hey guys! I have been thinking a lot recently about maybe getting a set of budget (cheap) custom in ear monitors. This is because I travel a lot, I work out a lot, and overall, they seem like something good to have. Do any of you have any recommendations on models that work well on the much cheaper side of the price spectrum? Also, would it be more ideal to make diy customs? Can any of you direct me to a video or an article about this if it is the better option? Thank...
Anyone know a case that fits these? Mine are pretty big, and I want to travel with them.
Hey guys! Do any of you know of a case that would fit my headphones? It's just that they are really big, and it's not as good to travel with as say iems, and a case would make me feel better about traveling with them. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks! -Penguin1026
its always nice to dream...:/
I wonder how these would compare to the audio technica ath-m50. I am currently trying to decide between those two. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
I apologize for not specifying a currency! Sorry about that. If there are any more recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Hey e30pilot! Thank you for the complement! I am currently just using it connected to my iPhone4. This setup I think sounds pretty nice (IMO) if you have any headphone recommendations for this, it would be appreciated. Thanks again!
Thank you so much! I worked pretty hard on it. Would you mind letting me know how to post pictures, just so I know? Thanks again!
Hey Headfi! This is my first review that I am posting, so this might be below average. Sorry, but i'll try my best. Earlier today, I recieved my long awaited Fiio E6 amplifier. I have been looking forward to this amp for a while now, so i'm very excited. When I got home, I immediately plugged the amp in to get it charged. Now onto the review itself!   Build quality- This was actually very surprising since it was only about 25 dollars. The build quality was very...
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