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Works perfectly with both my Note 2 and SG3 via USB OTG.Wysyłane z mojego GT-N7100 za pomocą Tapatalk 2
Sounds incredible to me. And for some reason I prefer to use the Note 2 DAC rather than bother with USB OTG cables and use the built in Leckerton DAC.Wysyłane z mojego GT-N7100 za pomocą Tapatalk 2
My Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII works via USB OTB with my Note 2 as an external DAC/Amp.
  Using the Leckerton DAC, correct?
Does anyone know when using the UHA-6S.MKII with optical S/PDIF from my laptop, which DAC is being used? Is it the built-in laptop DAC or the UHA-6S.MKII DAC (Cirrus Logic)? When using the UHA-6S.MKII via USB it clearly states USB DAC under Playback Devices, but when using S/PDIF it says HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO.
I got my UHA-6S.MKII today, and I confirm it works perfectly with my International S3 :)   I'm quite satisfied with my new portable rig: S3 -> OTG USB -> UHA-6S.MKII -> Westone 4r
So I pulled the trigger on an 6S MK2 with a 627. Now the dreaded wait. Let's hope shipment to Poland won't take too long. I'm planning to use it mostly with my Galaxy S3 -> Usb OTG -> 6S MK2 -> DT 770 Pro. Also some laptop gaming. Really hoping the setup will be decent for on the go listening.
So Jelly Bean is out for the Galaxy S3. Can anyone confirm whether the FiiO E17 works with JB?
  Isn't the built in DAC in the International S3 (Wolfson I believe) sufficient as far as a DAC goes? And focus on an amp only? Also I heard that with Jelly Bean (i do have a leaked version) E17 does actually work (with some kernels).
Hi,   I'm looking for an amp or amp+DAC for my setup. I mainly need it to listen to music on my International Galaxy S3, which I heard already has a decent DAC (Wolfson?). But also an Amp with a DAC would be nice for my gaming laptop, which has a really ****ty sound card.   I was thinking of getting the FiiO E17.   The question is: What would I benefit more from in terms of Audio Quality on the S3 if I were to spend ~$200 and ignoring improvements for...
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