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Weekend bump! Shipping to Canada seems to be very expensive..
Yes, just an S cushion. I call it flat just the way it looks.
$230 shipped/insured/Paypaled! This price is for CONUS only. ( included Grado Flat pads and mini adapter). Pls. See pics.
I had both Rs1 and ps500s before and surprisingly, sold both and end up liking the alessandro MS2i. It is like the sound is in the middle of those 2 highend. I am selling the Ms2i now here, but to my surprise, no body has interest or want to explore this other grado version. Still my MS2i is for sale. Switching hobbies to car audio.
Free Bump!
WTB good condition iTouch Gen 2 or higher will pay up to $50 shipped.
I am selling my MS2i here
I also forgot, you can use the app at home usng your iphone while the itouch is playing or hooked up to the speaker dock. You do not have to go near the itouch. The Tango remote app cost $4.99 but can be installed to all your apple devices if log in under one apple account. It is worth it!
I have a 2008 Infiniti car that only comes with RCA (Aux) and power outlet in the middle console. So I have this old 2nd Gen Ipod touch and hooked up to the 3.5mm plug to RCA. The sound is so clear compared to my car's head unit. The only problem is since it is an RCA and not USB, i cannot control the itouch through the head unit excoet the volume. So I searched online and found out about the Tango remote app. You can use any apple device with a bluetooth...
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