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  Thanks so much !
Guys, how to paint/write in a enclosure ?   I want to make my diy O2 amp "more friendly"    My O2:     i want to seems like that:     any help is helpful, thanks
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Custom cable for Custom One    
Result:     Thanks so much for help :)
I'll search some more, and then post the result here, thank you
Thanks Casper ! Disassemble is not the problem. Is easy.The problem is that I have no experience of how to get scratches. Does sandpaper does not serve?
So guys...   My O2 is with scratches on the front plate:       I was wondering how to fix it, I imagine it must not be so hard.       And I also wanted to know how does one write in aluminum, like this:       Any help is welcome.            
Thanks for the help, I'll order a pair for me :)
Thanks Lorspeaker :) I feel the drivers a bit far... This pad fits the custom one?
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