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You could do an international giveaway
Go U.S.A !
I Wanted AMP/DAC Powered USB   PM Me to negotiate     Thanks
17.7 lbs 22.3 lbs 33.5 lbs
Unfortunately had to create this topic, I no have money to keep upgrades in my setup, so I thought a lot and stay with a basic setup just to listen to quality music. My setup: ODAC> Asgard 1> HD 600 I will keep the ODAC and I'll get a cheaper amp, I thought about Magni, being small, and has inputs rear (other than O2, which is much cable on the front)   On the Headphone I need help...   Want:   - Up to $ 150 (can be used) - Closed Over-ear -...
why ?
In Mogami, I used paracord with heat shrink on the ends
Thanks Casper :)
Hello guys !   What size should I use heat shrink in cable hd 600?   *I am using a Mogami cable w2893  
I'm wanting to upgrade my ODAC, but is it worth it? And I have no friend who has a more expensive DAC that ODAC to test
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