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sorry, due to the head-fi rules I can't reply in the thread, if you send us an email I can reply to that today :-)
Please send us an email about this and we will reply there.
Website FIXED now :-)
UPDATE: we have recreated the error we will look into it immediately
We have tried to replicate the error and just cannot replicate it, we work mainly on macs as well. It works on our macs on Safari, Firefox and Chrome, also tested on iOS and no issues there. If you still have an issue please contact us again and we will try with your account to see if it is a problem with that.
working through the emails after vacation, please be patient.
Please send us an email if you are thinking about the UE900!!!!
Comparison photo to existing case added.
Check our Facebook page to see monitors in the case
Please send us a mail with this and we will explain the differences
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