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Hi, please contact us and we will help you out as we have an agreement with estron regarding cable failures as we do not manufacture the line ourselves.
 We’re extremely concerned to hear about this. The situation you have described is absolutely not usual, should not have happened and is first time we have experience something like this. You should certainly not be waiting for weeks with no reply and we are wondering how this could have possibly occurred as our emails are monitored. We will look into this immediately and come back to you by the end of business today.
Check out "Later with Jules Holland" last Tuesday 
Sorry the rules of this forum means I cannot answer that here, please drop me an email about it.
Guys   It is worrying that I am seeing people not getting responses from us, this definitely should not be the case as I have checked and we don't have any outstanding emails from longer than 3 days. Could you please email us the query again and we will check our email system/spam filter etc.   Phil
No worries, I did not take any offence, I was also just trying to stress, like you did, that it is absolutely critical to have a professional setup and it is good to take the opportunity to let people know what we use.
Without going into all the details we use an ear simulator from RSTech, it is basically a G.R.A.S. ear simulator, it behaves and measures exactly the same as the G.R.A.S. We use SMAART and REW for the software. One has to remember that special care has to be taken in simulating an ear, just buying something off the shelf is not enough when testing IEMs due to the resonance of the ear canal, this is something I have incorporated into our ear simulator. The reason we don't...
we are working through the last emails today so we should get to yours :-)
Our christmas opening times are posted on our Facebook Page.
Maybe ask estron :-)
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