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Please send us a mail with this and we will explain the differences
They are mine
replied, I had to check the details before I could reply.
Hi, can you send us an email please so we can look into what the problem might be.
Posted this in the thread, thought I would post here as well  Nice write up tomscy2000, I can agree with your review and thoughts, I was hesitant when I first tried the cable but after 9 months of using them I don't want to go back to "chunky" ones.  It is a shame you never tried the T2 connector, it is a breath of fresh air from the "old 2-pin" and "misused mmcx" designs. I primarily use the Bax and the ones I have seem to have the same tangle free design as the music and...
Please resend
can you resend please to me
There have been a number of questions on the maximum v comfortable fit, so I will try to clarify. the distinction is how the CIEM feels in the ear and the level of isolation it provides.   Maximum Fit- This is a tight fit in the ear giving maximum isolation and seal, however some people can find it a little too tight and intrusive in the ear.  Comfortable Fit - This is a more relaxed fit, it still has an excellent isolation and seal, but it maybe possible to break the...
The reason for the cable exiting out of the faceplate is so you can have the option of having the cable down or over the ear.
correct, this is one of the reasons for the recessed socket to help in stopping the rotation.
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