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we are working through the last emails today so we should get to yours :-)
Our christmas opening times are posted on our Facebook Page.
Maybe ask estron :-)
Stop complaining you have an amp silicone band 
 Please contact us directly and we can discuss if there is an issue with your BA4R as it certainly does not seem normal.
Any bad ear impressions we always take pictures and send to the customer, maybe I should make public the "wall of shame"
I do not see how filling with silicone would make the isolation any better, IMHO it is with the fit and for most part the fit in the canal area.
Correct E - Enhanced Lows
Yes, considered but no plans to do it.
Good point. Also one should consider the individual. People have slightly different ear muscle/cartlidge density and this can determine which is better Acrylic or Silicone. Most people have a soft ear muscle/cartlidge and Acrylic is a better choice for them as the hard Acrylic suits the softer muscle/cartlidg. On the flip side a few people have a harder muscle/cartlidge and thus with Silicone is a better choice being softer than Acrylic. This is one reason why some people...
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