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hey guys, so i've had my pair of a900x's for about 1.5 years and I really like them.  Recently i've noticed the leather earpads are cracking a little bit, and am curious about options for earpad replacements. Has anyone had any good results experimenting with other earpads?    i've also noticed that the wire by the jack is worn out, and can cause one side of the headphones to lose sound. 
They are good, but if you are a basshead or a neutral head there are better options in that price range for those niches. M50's can do it all pretty well   The mids on my pair are not super recessed, everything sounds pretty forward.
I tried this and it did not yield the desired result... :( Would you be able to export the settings?
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet, but holy cow these are soooo good. Sound right out of the box is much better than my M50's. Comfort is a massive improvement, I always felt the weight of the M50's on the headband (it got uncomfortable and it messed up my flow, I also wear them with 0-2 ticks on each side) and within minutes and an adjustment or two the A900x's aren't putting pressure anywhere. They are just floating I am so happy with this purchase! :D
I don't think that an amp would be necessary for the UE6000 or the M50. Between the two, the UE6000 seems like a step up in sound quality and comfort but I have no complaints regarding my M50's. I would recommend them if your budget was tighter, but with the extra wiggle room, you have opened some other options that I would suspect to be superior.
I placed the order!!! Damn it feels good pulling the trigger after many months of failing to decide on what to buy!
I was about to buy a pair of the refurbs from amazon but that BuyDig deal is stellar!   ...Oh darn, no international orders are accepted through the website... Amazon it is! My only worry is that I get smacked by Duties and customs fees if I do go through with the order :( Making decisions is hard
I have M50's and Brainwavz R1's. I mention getting an upgrade and my dad looks at me like I am crazy. 
Oh man.... I want to pull the trigger so badly but the folks won't let me spend more money on headphones
Ordering from here might save you a couple bucks
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