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Precisely  what i think. I prefer T1 to HD800 in terms of bass, other than that HD800 hands down, as much as I like the T1. In terms of fit, HD800 will disappear on your head, whereas T1 has this habit of headband falling slightly down the slider than what I have set earlier.
In my case, HD800 got better so that they get most head time. Btw, using daccord and classic, which one, HD800 or T1, do better with low dynamic range recordings or deal better with recording inherent sibilance?
I pair Classic with both T1 and HD800. I prefer HD800 to T1 when paired with classic, especially at medium crossfeed setting.
I see you have a V200 currently. Why not try T1 with V200 first and see how far they go? By the way, classic and T1 is a good combo. Classic does well not only with T1 but also with HD800 and HE500 as well. :)
@songmic, I also prefer listening to most Anime OSTs with HD600 to with HD800. Some tracks really dont need HD800.
With HD800, you will find a good complimentary phone to your HE-500. Forward, M-13!!
In your case, i think you dont really need to keep both amps. May be sell Asgard 2 and upgrade to Lyr? Havent heard DT880, but I prefer HD 600 with Lyr to Asgard. For me I keep Lyr for harder to drive cans, and Asgard to sensitive denons.
Get a room, you guys. lol
Keep HE500 and buy one more. lol
Well said. Thats how i play so far.
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