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Yes of course!
This thread is for all the young Head-Fi'ers (<18)   This is just a general discussion thread for us youngins on Head-Fi to talk recommendations, preferences, and how you deal with our Beats-brainwashed peers. Whether you want to discuss preferences, or you just need reassurance that there are other young audio-savvy people on Head-Fi, all headphone-related posts are welcome! 
What is the difference in sound quality when using a 1/4in. jack as opposed to a 3.5mm one? I know that some of the most popular headphones on Head-Fi, most notably the ATH M50, have a 3.5mm jack as the default but comes with a 1/4in adapter. If it defaults to the smaller of the two, then what's the benefit in sound quality of using the adapter in that type of headphone?
I've wondered this as well, but I can't find any difference in any of my music, but I'm certainly not an expert. I would think that CD quality may vary by genre in order to get the most detail in very detailed pieces. Interesting question though...
How do these compare to the Shure SE215? Which one would be a better long-term investment?
I know that Audio-Technica, AKG, Ultrasone and Shure headphones are the best and most recommended for <$100, but I know that iPhones have trouble driving them.  I'm looking for some fairly balanced, over-ear headphones that my iPhone won't have much trouble driving for around under $100.  Any recommendations?   Also, don't hesitate to tell me that I'm mistaken and iPhones CAN drive some ATH M40s.  I'm a bit inexperienced and still getting used to the world of...
Those are gorgeous cans!! So glad they finally fold. Can't wait for the next unboxings. Great video!
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