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turn the plastic edge or lip part inside out, stick them on the little cup parts then turn the lip back over the cups. turn the pads they are back to their original position and then you are good to go! hope this helps!
for small ears I just bought AirBuds. They are made completely from memory foam for the tips so they fit any size ear.   Also, they run for 39.99 (www.air-buds.com). I would highly recommend them for odd shaped ears   I also really like the small sized tips that come with skull candy ink'd earbuds or the new apple ones are OK too. My money is still with airbuds though
AirBuds 20% off at www.air-buds.com/product/ - use discount code FamilyFriends123 i am raving about these. i got them for traveling, the most comfortable earbuds I have ever worn. Great isolation too.   around 35$
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