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40$ AirBuds buds (   Lower end skull candys are actually a favorite of mine too.  The Ink'd is ok, but I had to throw the airbud tips on there because the other tips got uncomfortable after about an hour.   I really liked the JVC FX40 too but they have a 'tinny' sound.
AirBuds are the best for bass/comfortable as hell and are 40$. (   Shure SE215 are also my old ones and I liked them but I dont think they are worth 100. IMO     (  
I am a music producer and need some headphones for traveling that I can still produce with. They don't need to be anything special, but just need to be very well rounded so the highs and lows I am hearing are the same highs and lows I am making.   Thanks!
The sound is good IMO. Very clear and crisp with a slightly heavy low end. Very diverse freq response though, was surprised to hear some new things I haven't heard in some favorite tracks.   They also sell the tips which are much more comfortable than the  comply. In terms of sound distortion from the foam... I have no idea. They are definitely cheaper and more comfortable though than the comply tips I used to have.  
No problem, if you like them as much as I do, you will thank me immensely . FYI when I bought them they were running a promotion for 20% off. I think the code was FamilyFriends123 but they had it on their facebook page.   cheers
very true, I dont really notice too much distortion of the sound honestly as there is not much space to for sound to reverberate, but that makes sense. In terms of comfort, I think they are noticeably more comfortable than the comply tips though.
For this kind of music I think the GR07s would be the best fit. I listen to hard rock and used to have these but broke them. I remember loving them though!
comply tips are good but I use the AirBuds tips on some old sony's. they are way cheaper than the comply and I honestly think they have better isolation. I think they run for maybe about 7$ and I got 3 pairs in the package. The foam is much more ocmfortable than comply and you can wash them too!
SE215 is the way to go... although i wouldnt really call the sound 'warm' but it is punchy. For your price range i would definitely stick with the shures
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