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I have the jaybird freedoms ( They are convenient because of the bluetooth but aren't comfortable and the charging factor always bothered me.   Monster isports were on my list but got the AirBuds for traveling and now they have become the work out pair too
Nice you wont be sorry IMO. They have to be the best on the market for the price and for working out. wearing mine now   Quick shipping too.
AirBuds tips are extremely worth it. The foam they use is unmatched... much smoother than the comply tips IMO. Flange tips never provide as much isolation  
They stay in my ear much more snug than anything other pair of earbuds I have tried, period. The reviews I read had many people saying they used them for high intensity workouts.  The memory foam really creates a nice fit that wouldn't fall out running or lifting weights. Also, the cord is flat and smooth, similar to beats by dres IEM line, so it is easy to manage and comfortable against the skin.   Hope that helps!  
Did anyone try the AirBuds promotion code? Is it still working? 
For dubstep or bass music I would definitely check out the new AirBuds ( They have awesome bass clarity and the foam tips are the most comfortable I have tried and expand to fit any ear.   Just got mine and love them. When I bought them they were running a product launch discount for 20% off too. I think the code was FamilyFriends123 .   Enjoy!
They have some reviews on their product page and so far they are pretty good.   They have memory foam tips where you squeeze before putting in your ear and then they expand to fit your ear. I really dont see how they couldnt fit
they also have a remote on the cord and arent too canceling if you keep the volume low
I would again recommend the AirBuds for work and working out. I think their fit and the pricepoint is unmatched, i am kind of surprised these dont get more attention.   The foam tips are water proof so you can wash them/not worry about sweat. They stay in no matter what and they are good for isolation. Extremely comfortable for running and everything also.   hope this helps
Awesome, thanks for all of the help everyone! I will update with purchase and review  
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