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On the package of the airbuds it says compatible with WP... I have not tried it though but they work on the old iphone that I have. (it says blackberry, ipod, ipad, galaxy, wp, iphone)   the ME electronics look nice, not sure about the cord and I hate those flanged tips.  
    The mic on the airbuds answers and ends calls. I just wrote a review on them here and they run for about 40$
The better the isolation, the lower you will be able to listen because no outside noise will enter the ear. If you have poor isolation, than you will try to compensate by cranking up the volume. Always start very low and adjust as your ears get used to the volume. It is hard to measure decibel levels that will damage because it depends on how much of those decibels are actually reaching your eardrums. Always look for good isolation and that should solve your volume...
Did you give these a try yet? What are your thoughts?   Thanks
    under 50$ thread.       I would also recommend the new AirBuds (  I just got them recently and love them and they run about 40$
Image x10i is my vote!  
If you want any sort of isolation, you need to get IEMs. Over the ear isnt really blocking anything out and can be dangerous because you may just compensate for lack of isolation by blasting the volume.   I understand what you are saying about IEMs 'not fitting' but im telling you, I had the same issue and the big comfy memory foam AirBuds solved all my problems  
IEMs are the better bet if you want any isolation. If you are going to be doing a lot of walking and riding in loud areas I would recommend a cheaper pair of IEMs with comply or AirBuds tips.   If you get good fits from the regular silicon tips then try just a pair of skull candys or sennheiser. If you want good comfort (memory foam eartips) and good sound, I would recommend AirBuds ( IMO  
Did you see if they are still running this promotion?   Thanks  
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