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The mic is so small and compact that I doubt damage caused to it will cause damage to one ear. I use mine to work out in and so far there has been no problems whatsoever  
thanks for the info. I guess I havent listened to them for a while  
meelectronics m6 are bad for you? i thought they are also a bang for the buck!   Also, philips are always a good choice for cheaper IEMs, not sure which models I used to have but I always liked them.  
Wow that is one cool app! I have never heard of that before. definitely getting it for when I am biking around town  
*wrong direction  
All foam tips take time to expand though dont they? It sounds like it was a shipping issue... my package was fine though. I didnt mean to steer you in the right direction, I love mine.   I would say about 30 seconds to 1 minute to fully expand in my ear but they stay in as they are expanding.   Strange, i got a completely different experience. sorry again  
I tried these out, terrible seal and isolation in my opinion. nothing special  
I would go with these out of the 3... Not much to base the opinion off of, but I would stay away from 'gaming' IEM's...
good choice let us know what you think  
Looking forward to hearing what you think
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