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I completely forgot beats and monster split... i still always think of them as 1 unit. Thanks for the correction
I think the looks are superb but we will see what they do with the sound. Beats has so much potential but I feel like they will never make a balanced headphone.   Very interested to see how people like these
wow I am so jealous. every purchase I make is based on finding tips that will work
yea really, IEMS should always be used for isolation and for commuting i think.
Interesting... so why not try foam tips? Just wanted something more durable?
I really cant wear those stock flange tips anymore after going to foam tips.
I would take a look at the monsters,how much are you looking to spend?
This may help... perfect for isolation and will fit any ear (guaranteed by the company)
I am not sure, I would say Yes, they are worth the extra $$ personally.  I would gladly pay 20$ more compared to the E10.    They were also running a promotion for 20% off entire order recently. I believe the coupon code is FamilyFriends123. not sure if they are still running it though
their customer service is great, they probably would ship to europe if you are willing to pay for the higher shipping
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