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Woah nice! I may buy some of these!   I got an email from AirBuds ( they are doing 20% off entire orders of anything on their site
tinyman thanks for a great comparison... didnt see this before
sure Olives, AirBuds Fit-All Foam Tips, No Comply.... those are the only 3 that even should be mentioned in my opinion. Currently using the airbuds, which i love
AirBuds ( are made with an awesome foam that keeps all sound IN. they run about 40$ they also just sell the foam tips which are better than the comply tips IMHO
I love my Sennheiser IE80 when it comes to Rock!
My go to for this price range is AirBuds ( or amazon).  I have raved about the on headfi before because I love their isolation and bass. they are cheap too (40) .   i got put in forum time out because mods thought I worked for them because i talked about them so much lol.  Definitely comfy and worth a try. esp good for bass heavy/electronic music
musicianfriend is a good one but also any larger retailer will be running promotions... it just depends on their stock levels, etc.. on what products will by heavily marked down.
I have had some traffic issues with high isolating IEMS in the past so would recommend something that does not completely block out traffic horns or in my case... sirens :(
awesome comparison table
Very interesting. So many mixed reviews on these things... have you tried wearing them for long periods of time?  
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