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Just an update, seems my local store just lowered the Yamaha RX-V571 to less than $300 so I better jump on it.  It has more hdmi inputs than my onkyo.  I loose zone 2, which I haven't use so far, and also loose dolby iiz which is 7.1 height because I don't have room for the back speakers for 7.1.  I'm even going to try to get them to lower the RX-V671   Running only one hdmi cable to the tv and having all my old video game consoles (ps2, ps1, snes, turbografx, etc)...
Have an asus xonar dg, is there a quicker way to turn on/off dolby headphones other than using the asus control panel.  The xonar is in a htpc running win7 with xbmc and the soundcard is connected optical to receiver and headphones through the front panel of the computer case.  Both are outputting sound at the same time, so when turnin on dh I get the processing on the speakers so I cannot leave it on.     Would like to simplify things when switching to headphones,...
MLE the new layout is great!    Clicking around the reviews just noticed when you click to show on the labtec mic it takes you to the top of the page.  Try it out. 
Hey guys what is the cheapest usb adapter to get a mic working on the ps3? For the xbox 360 only need a 3.5 to 2.5 adapter right?  How do you mute when using a clip on mic like the dx one?
Hey guys so here is my situation, want a headphone surround solution for gaming on consoles.  Already solved the pc side of things with a asus xonar dg and have dolby headphone.  For the console side mixamp pro is best option but after reading PurpleAngel's setup with Yamaha receiver started considering that option.        My current receiver is an onkyo sr508, which I bought when I was on a trip in the us, probably can sell it for around $250-300 if I'm lucky. ...
  Why do I keep coming back to this site, just got one $9.99 with free shipping.  I really don't even need them probably will have to give them as a gift.
Man the price for the M50s do go up and down a lot on amazon.  I've been undecided for a few months so finally went for it, they are currently at $104.41.  According to camelcamel its one of the lowest prices they've been.
  I have the HPT990 and have to stretch them all the way for them to fit properly, medium sized head here and think they are exactly the same as the hi2050.
  You can read through these two links and have an idea:   I personally do not have an amp but would go for a e11.
Damn it they always get me with that. I was just thinking of buying one of those gift cards and save $25 on the Grado SR80i.
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