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 I have an AKG Q701 and planning to get an amp to go with a mixamp for console gaming.  Budget is $150 between a magni, vali or o2 which would go better.  It would be my first amp and mostly used for gaming.  
Great review it helped me out a bit deciding if to grab a DT990 that is on sale right now as I already have a Q701 and from my untrained ears and my current DAC don't think would be much of a noticeable difference/improvement and probably can invest the money in a desktop amp.    Currently I use a mixamp for gaming and have not noticed the need for more amplification but probably because I have not heard the difference.  I usually run the Q701 off an Onkyo receiver or...
The DT-990-Pro 250 are $124.99 right now on the Amazon lightning deals if that was not posted before.  
For those interested I have a Vsonic GR06 that needs recabling and willing to sell for a cheap price if anybody is interested in them.  It comes with about 10 different tips that came originally but not the original case.  It also comes with the plastic things to go over the ear but never used.   Aside for the cables being stripped and bent in several places they sound superb.   Shipping to US will take about 10-12 days with tracking.
Lowered a bit.
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Price lowered a little bit.
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