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Looking forward to hearing the D1.
Thanks again for the tips!   I connected the toslink directly to the Apple TV, made a difference for sure. Opened the range up a lot. What I am realizing through all of this is that the Bose Series II have a ver small sweet spot and require the receiver to be at volume 50 out of 72(max). 50 is not overly loud but allows for the best range, I think. As for the room, it will have to stay the same, out of my control.   I will keep in mind the Denon as money comes...
Thank you very much for the info. I will be working on/with all of this. Final question: Is the Denon a better option than the D1?
  I have a Sony STR-DE485.   Very Cheap toslink cable and very cheap 16ga speaker wire.   I do notice the sound getting muddy at some points similar to bad live mix at a concert. I can't pick out instruments or it doesn't have the range for uncompressed audio.   Could be my speakers? Could be my receiver? Could be my cables?   Sorry for all the ques ions, my knowledge is basic at best.
Fresh, new, audiophile here. (very new at this)   I am wanting to use the D1 solely for the 2 channel audio benefits. (reading comments above this DAC is not the best for my Shure SE530 IEM)   My setup right now is: Apple TV and BluRay Player plugged into my TV through HDMI. I then have an optical cable running from my TV to my Sony receiver and that audio goes through the receiver into an old pair of Bose Series II Loudspeakers (which have unexpectedly rich...
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