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  I have been following this thread and realized that my speaker cable is not equal. My right channel (same distance from the reciever as the left channel) has a much longer cable length (which I cut). Is this going to affect the sound output or the quality?   Also, is 25ft excessive and would that also equal a loss in quality and sound output?   I have been told by friends that "3ft of speaker cable per channel = better overall quality" any truth there?   I'm just trying...
I'll answer myself with a link I should have found before posting this.
I bought my Shure SE530 IEM's about 5yrs ago and now I am wanting to ge them recabled. I have no idea where to start or if this is possible with the 530 IEM's.   Any help would be great!
After burn-in time, speaker adjustment/placement......etc   I have found that for the first time I can legitimately say that I know what quality sound-stage is and how to achieve it. I finally have the body and definition in my ALAC files that I have been searching for. I have never heard Pink Floyd's: Dark Side of the Moon like this before, its crazy good quality!   This has been a great investment to get me started as an entry level audiophile.   Any...
Just purchased the D1 with some nice signal cable and a glass sonicwave toslink. Ready to enjoy the ambiance.
I have just purchased this for testing to add to my Sony receiver - (this is where I bought my cable)   Audioengine D1   Sonicwave Glass Toslink Cable   Let me know if this is an adequate setup.     Also, what type of USB cable should I get for USB>D1 listening?    
This makes sense. I sure do enjoy the current power I am pushing, compromising that would be a step in the wrong direction for my taste. Thank you for the input. This is all new to me, I'm better with live sound and the mixing process.
I am using a Sony STR-SE485 receiver with Bose 201 Series II from 1984. My thinking in going receiverless is all about space without losing quality.
Thank you HeadphoneAddict for your input on this!   If I do end up moving my 2 channel setup to it's own location that is more ideal for critical listening, do you think it would be an option to use the: aTV> D1> N22 > Bose Series II? Is this a correct way of thinking or will it not have the juice compared to a receiver? I am trying to go minimalist with the 2 channel rig, something simple and clean.   Side note on that; the theater setup will include the Denon...
I am planning on pairing the AUDIOENGINE D1 with the N22 to use with bookshelf speakers. IE- D1 usb powered, using optical in, rca out to N22, N22 with speaker wire, to bookshelf speakers. If so, how was it? Does this make sense or is it overkill? Mostly using AppleTv and bluray optical out for Lossless files and cd's. Trying to conserve space and go as minimal as possible.
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