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Fantastic stuff.....thx for the link! :)
LOL! Ya sold me! Q cable is on my radar....gonna happen soon. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
You must give this a listen! Purchase the MP3 Album download then contact Carmen for the WAV files.   
After two business trips I decided that The Intruder was overkill for my needs, now it's just collecting dust. Don't get me wrong, the amp sounds incredible with my JH13's, but I decided what I already have is sufficient enough to drive the JH's. With that said, this amp hasn't even been broken-in yet with only 6-8 hours of actual use, no burn-in time & in excellent condition with no scratches (pic upon request). Yeah, it's that fresh. SN N009 without the current upgrade...
Without a doubt Arminius, this combo offers beautiful synergy. Did you pickup the BDA-2 as well?
Wapiti, which headphone(s) did you use during your listening sessions?
Couldn't agree with you more Glenn! Love your philosophy on design and implementation. $2k still sounds reasonable to me given the quality of your hand-built amps. Wish I had your skills and patience.
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