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Here's the beauty that I went and finish is perfection!
I placed an order for the same case about two weeks ago OneLOve, but with the Red stitching......couldn't resist! Mine won't arrive to the US until mid-August...bummer! What's your opinion of the quality and fit?
Good call blood; that's the info that MadDane provided several pages back in the thread.
It's there guys....I too had a senior moment until MadDane set me straight earlier in the thread. It's also on the box as well; I'm on the road and don't have the box in front of me, but I believe I found it in the upper right corner when looking at the panel with the numbers and bar codes printed on it.
Thanks a bunch MadDane! ☺
I know it's a silly question, but im trying to register my dp-x1, but I'm having trouble locating the correct serial number. Where should I look?
Where do I locate the correct SN for product registration? There's several #'s on the box that I've tried with no success. Which # did you use?
Even though I'm extremely satisfied with my JH13FP IEM's, I'm hoping they offer existing customers a send-in upgrade option too.
Cleaning out the bins and decided to part with this stellar DAP. Purchased in July 2013 & primarily used during business travel. I figure there's approx. 30-40 hours of use on it, no scratches or dings, screen protector since birth. Minor scuffing on the rear glass cover from entering and exiting various leather cases. Original packaging and brown leather case included. Will consider a reasonable/fair offer. Accepted PayPal offer will include PP fee (gift preffered) and...
Moon Audio Silver Dragon V1 48in IEM Cable. Mint condition. Built for JH Audio, Ultimate Ears, & Westone.  RSA/ALO male termination, used during one business trip for a total of 1.5 hours. Purchased Oct 2012 for $195. Asking $120USD. Will accept payment via Paypal Gift or buyer covers 2.9% + $0.30USD fees. I’ll cover shipping costs anywhere in the CONUS.
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