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Well I don't front panel connected but even if I did connect it I'm pretty sure the DGX swaps from read connection to front panel connection, prioritising front panel even if both are plugged in. So if I had heaphones plugged into the read and in the front panel only the front panel would work. At least that's how I read it anyway. If this isn't the case then I'll go ahead and plug the front panel connector in.
Hi all. I was wondering if it was possible to get two headphone outputs on this soundcard. I know you can do this with basic on-board realtek sound by messing around in the registry I just don't know if its possible with the Xonar DGX. Thanks guys.
Anyone have any other suggestions?   See here:  
    Thanks for the recommendations, you seems to know what you're talking about. Unfortunately, all of those headphones are out of mine and my friend's price range. Do you have any other cheaper suggestions? The most expensive one in my OP is $200. Remember though that everything in Australia is more expensive.   EDIT: - I found the HM5 but they don't take credit cards unless you scan the card and send them it...which I can't...
    I'm in Brisbane. I'll see what I can do but I'd still like a recommendation. I've read up quite a bit on the AD700s as I was set on getting them but I kept reading that the AD700s lacked bass which is bad for metal/movies.
Hiya, I'm new here. This is my third thread (first on this forum), hopefully I can actually get some answers here. I'm looking for new headphones (obviously). My current head[b]set[/b] (Steelseries Siberia v2, I can hear you guys vomiting as you read this) died a horrible death (mic on longer works and right ear has no sound. Funny that would happen though, my brother's pair doesn't have a working mic and my previous pair left ear doesn't work). I suppose anything...
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